How To Add a Flicker Effect in Vegas

You can make your video look more interesting by adding effects to it. You can make the video look like an old film that has been weathered by adding a flicker effect to it in Sony Vegas with a few simple steps.

  1. Plan the video. Planning the video will save you a lot of time editing the scenes to exactly how you envision the outcome of the whole video. If you know which parts of the video will contain special effects, it will give you more control over how to shoot the parts. Write down the parts that will contain the flicker effect so it won’t be difficult to locate it when you start editing the scenes.
  2. Open the video file in Vegas. Launch the Vegas program on your computer by going to the Start menu and select All Programs, which will open the Programs menu. Find the Vegas application and select it to launch the program. Once Vegas is up and running on your computer screen, go to the File menu located on the task bar at the top of the window. From the drop down list click Open and the Open file dialog pops up. Browse for the video file on your computer’s hard disk and select it then click Open. Your video will appear on a time line along with the sound file below it on a separate track. You can now edit the video file on the time line.
  3. Split the frames. Splitting the frames in the video is one technique to add a flicker effect in Vegas. Locate the part of the video that you plan to add a flicker effect on and scroll over to that area. Take note of where the scene starts on the time line where the flicker effect will begin.

    Magnify the video track so you can see each frame you are adding the flicker effect to. At the lower right corner of the window you’ll see a plus sign (+), you can click this to magnify the video track horizontally and vertically. Go to the frame where the flicker effect will begin and select it on the time line. Press S on the keyboard or right click and select “Split” to split the frame. Use the cursor to select the next point on the time line to split the video file and then press S. Move to the right on another point on the time line then press S again, and then select the portion on the left of the last split and delete that part. Go to the right again and repeat the process making two splits ahead and deleting the part on the left of the last split. You will then have gaps in your video file, which you will fill with a white coloured picture that you will place onto a different video track. Place the white colour in line with the spaces.

Play the video file to review the flicker effect you created. You can choose to keep the number of frames to split even or not when creating the flicker effect. Do not drag any of the parts along the time line so you can preserve the speed of the video.


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