How To Add a Fraction in Microsoft Word 2007

Working on a document that has mathematical equations can be laborious if you do not know how to create them properly. Being able to add a fraction to your document will make it much easier if you have reports that you have to submit for school or for work. Microsoft Word 2007 will allow you to be able to add a fraction on the document without spending so much time in finding the correct mathematical symbol. Read on in order for you to know how you can do it.

  1. Open your Microsoft Word 2007 document on the computer. It can either be a new document or an old document that you intend to make changes to. Once you have the document pulled up, click on Insert from the toolbar which is the second tab on top.
  2. Choose the Equation Editor from the toolbar. After you click on the Insert tab, a new set of icons will appear. Choose Equation which is situated on the upper right-hand side of the screen, and then the Equation toolbox will appear on the top portion of the document.
  3. Choose the correct Equation Tool. There are three groups under the Equation Tools Design Tab, namely Tools, Symbols and Structures. In order for you to add fractions, what you have to select is the Structures equation tool. A group of icons will again appear for the Structures equation tool, and the first function is Fraction, so click on that. There will be a dropdown once again after selecting Fraction, so just choose the type of fraction you would need for your mathematical equation. An Equation box will then materialize on your Word document.
  4. Enter the figures you need for your fraction equation. Use your mouse cursor to select each of the boxes in order for you to add the numerators and denominators for the equation. You can also use the arrow keys as an alternative to clicking each of the boxes when typing the numerators and denominators. If you also need to make a mixed fraction, just put the cursor on the left-hand side of the fraction and type the number. Click outside the equation box once you are done entering the necessary figures and you will see that the fraction is already on your Word document.

With Microsoft Word 2007’s Equation Editor, typesetting will be much easier. This is especially useful for students and professionals on the field as it saves them time and makes it easier for them to type the documents they need for their project or presentation.


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