How To Add a Photo Puzzle to Friendster Profiles

Social networking sites are advancing in creativity in generators that allow you to have fun online with your friends. If you go to you can find a photo puzzle generator. There are other sites with generators but this is a very common one and is easy to use. With the puzzle picture you can add text to it. Most of the time the generators are pretty self-explanatory, but in case it is not, here is how to add a photo puzzle to a friendster profile.

After going to the site and finding the pageplugins website look on the left hand side under photo generators and you will see photo puzzle maker listed. Click on that. On this page you will see green text that says custom photo puzzle with instructions on how to do it below that. Then a dark gray box.

The dark gray box is what you need to make your photo puzzle for your friendster page. You have the choice to use a photo they already have there or to upload your own. To use one of theirs just click on the one you want. To use one of yours click browse and find the picture on your computer you are looking for. After you have found that, click on it and then click upload on the website. You should now see your picture above where the other one previously was.

Now you can pick your colors for the borders of the pieces and border around the picture all together. Just click the dropdown arrow and choose your color for each one.

Now pick your piece border width by sliding the bar back and forth to the desired width.

You now need to decide how many pieces you want. If you want 3 pieces across then put the number 3 in pieces x. And if you want 3 pieces up and down then put 3 in pieces y. That will then obviously give you 9 pieces.

Next decide if you want to add text or leave it how it is. If you want your own message then type it in the text box.

Now press copy html. Go to your friendster profile and click edit profile. At the bottom of your edit profile page you will see who I want to meet. Paste the html code there and then click the save button.


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