How To Add a Podcast Alley Badge to Blogger Blogs

Podcast Alley is a Website that provides you with all the information you need about podcasts and podcasting. The site serves as a directory of almost all podcasts that have been published on the Internet. This is why many podcast creators and podcasting enthusiasts visit Podcast Alley's Website. Follow these steps in order for you to add a Podcast Alley Badge to your Blogger blog.

  1. Go to Podcast Alley's Website to get a copy of their badge. Load On the left-hand portion of the screen, select Podcast Alley Badges. You will then see two types of Podcast Alley badges, one which is just a small black and red badge which says Podcast Alley, and then the other badge which is about half an inch which says Podcast Alley - Podcast Library, Software and More.
  2. Choose one from the two Podcast Alley badges and copy its image URL.

    The image URL for the small black and red badge is:

    For the bigger badge, it's:

    Copy the image URL of the badge you want to advertise in your Blogger blog.

  3. Log on to your Blogger blog account. After logging in, click on View Blog from your Dashboard.
  4. Click Customize once you are on your Blog page. Customize is located on the upper right-hand portion of your Blogger blog page. By default, you will be directed to the Customize Layout page of your account.
  5. Hit Add a Gadget under Page Elements. A pop-up appears for Add a Gadget Basics. Choose the sixth gadget option which is Picture. You will then be directed to Configure Image section.
  6. Paste the image URL of your preferred Podcast Alley badge. From the Title text field, you can just type in Podcast Alley or whatever strikes your fancy. Under the Caption text field, write anything you want, like The best podcast library ever. Of course type in on the Link field. Now you will see two radio buttons, select the second one for From the web and paste the image URL of your choice. Hit Save. The Add a Gadget Basics pop-up disappears and you're back to the Customize Layout page.
  7. View the changes on your Blogger blog. You will see a warning highlighted in orange saying Page element added. View Blog. Make sure to hit Save first then click View Blog. You will then be directed to your Blogger blog page and you will see that the Podcast Alley badge is already on your page.

Did you find a specific podcast in interesting? By following the steps outlined above, you can now advertise it to your Blogger blog page so other people are directed to the site.


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