How To Add a Program Application to Vista's Quick Launch

Most computer users don’t enjoy having to make several clicks to find and launch a program. The Quick Launch section on your taskbar enables users to launch applications with just one click.

  1. Activate Quick Launch. Go to your Taskbar at the bottom of your screen and see if the Quick Launch is visible. You should find Quick Launch beside the Start menu button. The Start menu button is the circular button with the Windows logo. If the Quick Launch section is not visible you can go to any empty part of the Taskbar and place your cursor on top of it. Right-click the empty place on the taskbar and an option list will appear. With your cursor point to the Toolbars option and then the option will be extended with another list. Scroll down the list with your cursor and find the Quick Launch option. Click on the Quick Launch option and a check mark will be placed in a box beside it. Go back to the Taskbar and see if you see another section beside the Start menu button. 
  2. Go to All Programs. Point your cursor on the Start menu and click it. At the bottom of the Start menu you’ll find the All Programs option. Click on the All Programs option and you will see a list of the programs installed on your computer.
  3. Choose a Program. From the All Programs list look for the program you want to add to Quick Launch. When you find the program, place your cursor on top of the program’s name and right-click on it. A list of options will appear, scroll down to the Add to Quick Launch option and click the option. Go back to your desktop and look in the Taskbar, you will see the program’s icon added in Quick Launch right beside the Start button.
  4. Add Shortcut to Desktop. Another method you can use to add a program application in Quick Launch is to place a shortcut on the desktop. Go to the Start menu and click All Programs. Scroll through the list to look for your program and when you find it right-click on the program and select the Send To option. The option will be expanded to another list, scroll down to the “Desktop (create shortcut)” option and select it. Now go to the desktop and you will notice there is a program shortcut on your Desktop screen. Place the cursor on the shortcut and then drag it to the Quick Launch section beside the Start button.

You can place the program applications you frequently use at the Quick Launch section so you can launch them easily with one click of a button.


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