How To Add a Shape in PowerPoint 2007

Microsoft's PowerPoint has become a standard platform for making audio-visual presentations. It is such a powerful tool that its latest versions have included even more improvements to give the users more flexibility. This is the case with PowerPoint 2007. Firstly, its overall appearance has been changed and has proven to be even easier to use. Unlike the older versions where it looks like a Microsoft Word document, PowerPoint 2007 now looks more like the user interface of Internet Explorer 8. This is then more streamlined making searching of various commands and prompts easier. Secondly, adding a shape in PowerPoint 2007 has become easier to manage. So many shapes have been added to the program so you no longer have to frown at having to make do with just the basic shapes for your presentations. 

  1. Access the program PowerPoint 2007. Click the Start button on the bottom left part of your monitor for a menu to appear. Direct your mouse's pointer to the option All Programs for a cascading menu to pop up. Now, look for the option PowerPoint 2007 and click on it once. Doing so should result in a new PowerPoint 2007 blank file to be opened.
  2. Access the program in PowerPoint 2007 that stores all of the available shapes. Go to the uppermost portion of the PowerPoint 2007 window. On the left hand side of the screen, look for the tab Insert. This is the one just right beside the Write tab. Now, click on the Insert tab for a dropdown list to appear. Afterwards, you will need to click on the icon labeled Shapes. When you do so, another cascading menu will pop up. This cascading menu will contain all of the different shapes that are currently stored in your PowerPoint 2007. You will also notice that the various shapes in PowerPoint 2007 are divided into different categories such as Lines, Basic Shapes and Stars. 
  3. Start the process of adding a shape in PowerPoint 2007. Select a shape of choice for your PowerPoint 2007 presentation by clicking on it from the menu. Direct your mouse to the location where you want the shape to be. Click the left mouse button and simultaneously hold it while you create a box on the selected location. Afterwards, let go of the left mouse button for the shape to appear.

It is possible to re-size the shape to make it bigger or smaller. To do so, you must drag the perimeter of the shape outward to make it larger and inward to make it the smaller.


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