How To Add a Special Effect in Adobe Premier Elements

The special effects in Adobe Premier Elements provide users with tools to create effects often found in commercial movies. The steps below will explore a few of the special effects you can use for your own videos.

  1. Adding a ghost effect. You can create a ghostly effect on a person in your video so he appears hazy and transparent. Before you do any editing with Adobe Premier Elements you have to shoot the video. Pick a location where the background won’t change. The background must not have objects that will move like trees that sway when the wind blows. A location with a lot of walls would be a perfect spot.

    Set up the video camera on a tripod so it won’t have any movements while taking the video. Position the camera so you can get a wide enough shot of the environment the actor will walk around in. Take a video of the location first without the actor and then take another shot with the actor walking around in the same exact area. Download the video onto the computer then launch the Adobe Premier Elements program. Import the first video with just the location on a video track and then import the second one with the actor on another track.

    Adjust the opacity of the second video track down to around 20 to 40% so the actor starts looking transparent. Now play both tracks to see the ghost effect. You can add an audio track with scary sound effects to the video.

  2. Creating twins. In this video you will have one actor appear to have a twin standing across the screen. The process of shooting this video is almost the same as the first special effect. You will need the camera to stay stationary so set it up on a tripod to restrict movement.

    The first shot you’ll take is of the set without the actor for a few minutes then ask the actor to walk in on one side of the shot. The second video will have the actor standing on the other side of the set. When you’re done download the videos onto the computer.

    Launch the Adobe Premiere Elements program and then Import the first video on the first video track then Import the second video on the second video track. You will now erase half of each frame so the second video will see through the first. To do this, select Effects then click Transitions and then Wipe to add the effect to the first video track. Use the Transition Completion slider and move it to about 50% and then move the Feather slider to 100%. Adjust the Wipe Angle to an angle that won’t affect the actor in the other video track. Play the video to see the effect you made on both tracks.

There are various types of special effects you can use for your videos that you can experiment with. Try each one and even combine special effects.


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