How To Add a Weather Report to Your Blog

Blogs are becoming ever more popular with individuals today as being a means to express opinions, announce events and offer information to the world.  They are generally customized by choosing a specific layout and background template and by inserting specific widgets on the sidebars to attract interaction or simply to offer real-time information. 

One popular means to add information to a blog's layout is with the use of widgets. For example, people might be interested in knowing the weather in your or their city today, tomorrow or the day after.  Therefore a weather report widget is very convenient for this reason and its inclusion encourages more visitors to visit your blog.

If you own a blog and wish to include a Weather Report widget, this is quite an easy task. Here are instructions on how to add a Weather Report widget to your blog.

If your blog is hosted at, adding a Weather widget is very straightforward. 

  1. In the "Page Elements" section found under the "Layout" tab, you will find all your blog elements displayed as they appear on your homepage.
  2. Click "Add Gadget" on the side bar of your choice, which the side bar where you wish to insert your Weather widget.
  3. From the "Add a Gadget" window, enter the word "weather" in the search box to be offered all the weather-related widget.
  4. Click on the "+" sign next to your chosen widget and this will open a "Configure Gadget" window.
  5. Here you can customize the title and size of your weather widget.

Live Weather is particularly popular, as it offers an international weather service where you can view live weather conditions and forecasts.  You can also edit the city choice to view forecasts for your desired city.  Users visiting your blog can also make use of this option and edit the widget to show their city of preference.

On principle, does not allow JavaScript or Flash codes to be inserted in your blog, due to security reasons.  Therefore you cannot use the usual script code that some weather widgets provide. However, you can use any HTML code.  A popular weather application that provides weather information through HTML is WeatherPixie ( 

WeatherPixie provides interesting graphics showing weather information by means of a character of your choice as well as data displayed in the graphic.  The character will be shown wearing clothes which reflect the weather in the desired location

To insert this widget all you need to do is to follow these few steps:

  1. Go to and obtain an HTML code to display the weather in your city. You have an option to choose the temperature format, language, region, country, location and above all the pixie character.  There are many weather characters to choose from, particularly various WeatherGirls and WeatherBoys, Japanese Geisha and Gothic girls.
  2. In your WordPress dashboard, click on the "Widget" tab.
  3. From the various widgets, choose the "Text" widget and drag it toward your sidebar, where you want to place the weather information.  This widget allows you to enter a title, if you wish, and some HTML code. 
  4. Save your changes and you can immediately see your widget working.

Inserting a Weather Report widget in your blog will certainly add some style to your blog. It also adds functionality, as both you and your visitors would have an idea of the current weather and the weather forecast.


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