How To Add an Icon to a Windows Desktop

Icons are picture representations of program or data files stored in a computer system. Icons are useful as they can be easily created by the user on the desktop to facilitate computer use. Locating frequently accessed program or data files can be easily done by just clicking on their respective icons. Outlined here are the complete steps to add an icon to a Windows desktop.

  1. Access the Create Shortcut program of your Windows desktop. Navigate the mouse cursor to an empty space on your Windows desktop and right click on the mouse once. When you do this, you will see a pop up menu appear on your computer monitor. Now, locate the option New and highlight it by directing the mouse cursor to it. When you do so, a cascading menu will appear. Look for the item Shortcut and click on it once. The Create Shortcut dialog box should pop up.
  2. Key in the location of the program or data file in the designated text field. On the Create Shortcut dialog box you will see an empty text field right underneath the Type the location of the item: section. Now, all you need to do is to key in the location of the program or data files you wish to make a shortcut icon of. If you are not familiar with the program or data file location on your personal computer, then you can just click on the button Browse to look for it. When you do so, another pop up dialog box, the Browse For Folder window will appear. Look for that program or data file you intend to make a shortcut icon of and highlight it by clicking on it once. Once you have highlighted it, simply click on the button OK. Now, on the Create Shortcut window you must click on the button Next.
  3. Type in the desired name of the shortcut icon into the designated text filed. After you click on the Next button, you will be prompted to assign a name for the said Windows desktop shortcut icon. You just need to key in the desired name for the icon into the allotted text field. Once you are done with this, all you need to do is to click on the button Finish for the Windows desktop shortcut icon to be created.

Computer programs that are typically used are Notepad, Calculator and Excel so it might be a good idea to create shortcut icons of these. Microsoft Office program files are typically found in the Windows folder so you should not have a hard time locating them when adding shortcut icons.


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