How To Add an Intro Clip Before a Movie Starts

Whether you are burning a DVD that contains several video clips or movies on it or maybe uploading a video to YouTube, you can add an introduction clip before each video plays. The following are the steps on how to add an intro clip before video clips or movies play.

  1. Create the title you want to add in the introduction clip. The title or opening credit’s function is to give a small idea to your spectators of what the video is all about before it plays. Make sure to create a title that would fully describe your video’s content. You can prepare as many titles as you want for the videos you want to modify in order to add the into clip. If you want to use pictures on the tile, you can also use one to become the background for the introduction clip.
  2. Open Windows Movie Maker to start adding a clip to your movie file. Of course, there are many video editors that can help you in adding a clip to your movie file. What program to use is totally up to your liking but Windows Movie Maker is easy to use and is already came with your Operating System, making it accessible.
  3. Open the video on Windows Movie Maker and proceed adding the intro clip to your video. This is done by hitting the link of Import Video found on the left pane of Movie Maker. The Video you are about to edit will be imported to Windows Movie Maker. After it is done loading, on the left pane of Movie Maker, click the link that says “Make Titles or Credits.” Since we are adding an introduction clip, select the option for “add title at the beginning of the movie.” Type the words you want your viewers to see at the beginning of the movie. If you want to change how the intro clip will be shown, you can customize its animation by clicking on the link to “Change the title Animation.” You can also change the font type and color of the text by clicking on the link to “Change the text font and color.” After you are done with customizing the title’s appearance, proceed to the next step by hitting the link to “Done, add title to movie” and the intro clip will now be seen on the very pane of the timeline.
  4. Add the movie next to the intro clip you just made. This is done by dragging the video you imported found under Collection to the second pane of the timeline, just next to the intro clip.
  5. Save the Movie. This is done by clicking the File menu, highlighting and clicking on “Save Movie File” option. You can also use the shortcut key to save the video file by pressing the CTRL and P keys simultaneously  on your keyboard. The Save Movie Wizard will now ask you where you want the file to be saved so select an option and hit the Next button. Enter the filename you want the video to have and hit the Next button until the wizard tells you it is now saving the movie.

When the wizard finishes saving the video file, the intro clip is now already added before your movie starts playing.


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