How To Add an Organizational Chart in Microsoft Word

Organizational charts in Microsoft Word are especially useful when graphic representations of reports are needed. Adding organizational charts used to be impossible to do so on Microsoft Word without the aid of other graphic software applications. But thankfully, it is now possible on the latest versions of Microsoft Word. Detailed here are the steps to add an organizational chart in Microsoft Word that is based on the operating system Microsoft XP Professional.

  1. Access the Microsoft Word document that needs to have an organizational chart and prepare the necessary settings. Open the Microsoft Word document that needs to be affixed with an organizational chart first and foremost. Once on the Word file, go to the uppermost portion of the screen and look for the tab View. Click on it for a dropdown list to pop up. Highlight the option Toolbars for a secondary menu to pop up. Look for the option Drawing. Make sure that it has a check mark right beside it. If there is none, then simply click on it.
  2. Start the process of adding an organizational chart in Microsoft Word by accessing the Insert Organizational Chart function. Notice that there is a dashboard located at the bottom part of the Microsoft Word document. Notice too that there are different icons on the dashboard and these icons represent different functions. One of these functions is the Insert Diagram or Organizational Chart. It is represented by an icon that looks like 3 rolling balls. Click on this icon for the Diagram Gallery window to pop up.
  3. Choose the type of organizational chart for your report. The Diagram Gallery window contains six organizational chart designs that users can choose from. Simply highlight the design of choice by clicking on it once. Once you are done, click on the button OK for the said organizational chart design to pop up on the Microsoft Word document you are working on. For purposes of example, we will be using the first option which is the basic organizational chart with rectangular boxes.
  4. Customize the organizational chart if needed. Notice that there will appear the Organization Chart menu on the left portion of the image. The Insert Shape function lets you add more rectangular boxes to the chart. The Layout function lets you choose how you want the chart to look like, whether it would be the Standard type or the Left or Right Hanging chart. Also notice that the boxes are clickable so you can add and edit text anytime.

Once you are done, all you have to do is to save the Microsoft Word document. Name it accordingly and store in the appropriate files folder.


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