How To Add Etsy Listings to Your Blog

Writing a blog is an essential way to promote your Etsy shop. You can put some actual Etsy shop listings on your blog, which will bring your prospective shoppers directly to the item you are selling.

The easiest way to put an Etsy listing on your blog is to start by opening two browser windows. Go to your Etsy shop first and open the page that has the listing of the item you want to post on your blog. Now, open a new browser window and go to your blog. Reduce the size of both windows so you can see them side-by-side on your computer screen.

At the top of your blog click "New Post." Highlight and copy the words from your Etsy listing title. Now paste those words in the title of the blog where it says, "Title." If you prefer, you can type a different title like "Look what I made today!"

Highlight and copy the "Description" of your Etsy item, then paste it in the body or text area of the blog page. You can also add some other wording if you choose.

Here is an easy way to quick grab the photo from your Etsy listing without hunting through all your photos. If you use a Mac just grab the photo from your Etsy listing and drop it onto your desktop. If you use a PC, save the photo to your desktop.

Go back over to the blog page, and click the icon that looks like a photo. You will get a pop-up window that says "Add an Image." Use "Uploaded Images" and click "choose file" to get the photo from your desktop. The photo will appear when it has finished uploading. Click "OK."

Your photo is now in your blog post. You will see the words to choose what size you want the photo to be. You will also see a choice of centered, flush right or left. Choose how you want the photo to appear.

This is how you get folks from your blog to the actual item for sale. Copy the URL of the item for sale on your Etsy shop. On your blog page highlight the main words from the body text that say what the name of the item is. Now click the word from above that says "Link." A window will pop up with a space to paste the URL into. Paste. Click "okay."

Publish your post and you are done. If you choose you can add more text that says, "Please visit my Etsy shop to see many more wonderful items." You can highlight the whole sentence and make it link to your Home Etsy Shop Page.

Please note that the wording may vary slightly for different blog websites.


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