How To Add a Free Clock to Mac's Desktop

Adding a free clock to your Mac desktop is relatively easy to accomplish. The following are the steps one should do to be able to add a free clock on their desktop.

1. Decide what free clock software you want to use on your desktop.

There are many freeware clock programs that you can choose from. All you have to do is search for the one that suites your taste and need. The following are the preferred free clocks used by users worldwide. They can be downloaded, installed and used at no cost.

  • Internet Time Dockling. The ITD is a software that can be viewed continuously on Mac’s desktop. The menu shows the date and time of the user’s location, the Internet Time and Date stamp (Swatch Internet Time), and the Coordinated Universal Time and Date (UTC). To download this freeware, on your browser, type this address
  • iBeatTime. The iBeatTime is a software that uses the Swatch Internet Time. When you use this freeware, you will be able to put all your preferred locations into a list and view their current time. To download go to this Web site address
  • iTime. When you install this nifty extension, it puts the Internet clock on your menu bar. You can view the time using Biel Mean Time, Greenwich Mean Time and Local Metric Time. You can grab this extension from
  • itQuartz. You can view the Swatch Internet Time in three ways when you use itQuartz: using a floating menu, on the menu bar, and in dock. The current version is a beta version but it works very well. It is also available in two languages, Japanese and English. If you wish to use this freeware, grab the software at his web address
  • Simple World Clock 1.2. This is a simple widget that a user can use to view the current time in numerous world cities. Grab this widget from
  • WorldTimes 1.2. Use this software to view up to 12 different locations that you chose from the list of 420 locations worldwide. Get this effective clock from  
  • SimpleFloatingClock 1.6. This program is an analog clock that you can situate wherever you want to position it on your desktop. Get this simple but functional clock from

2. Download the software.

When you finally decided which software to use, download the specific program from the links cited above. The links provided above will automatically download the software.

3. Install the software as soon as it finished downloading.

Locate the folder where you have saved the file and extract the downloaded file using the StuffIt software since most of the above files are compressed files. Proceed to install the freeware as you would with any program.

After you installing the software, you can now use the clock on your Mac desktop. Although not obligatory, if you are happy with the clock you download, opt to donate money for the freeware and help developers improve their programs.


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