How to Add Items to Favorites on Etsy

So you're browsing the listings of all the fun, cool, unique items on Etsy and something really catches your eye, but you're not sure you're ready to buy just yet.  How can you "bookmark" this item for later?

There are two basic approaches, local or online.  You could use your web browser's Bookmark or Favorite function to save the item's URL, but the drawback to the local approach is that the bookmark "lives" only on the particular computer you used, so your favorite Etsy item bookmarks could be scattered over several computers unless you sync regularly.

Storing your Etsy favorites online makes more sense, especially if you use more than one computer.  There are social networking sites that allow you to store bookmarks, but the easiest way to save your favorite Etsy items is by using Etsy's own favorites system.

First, you need to create an Etsy account to use the favorites system.  If you don't have an Etsy account yet, go to the main Etsy page and click the link at the top right that says "Register", then follow the instructions.  Registration is easy and free!

Now log in to Etsy using the "Sign In" link at the top right of the home page, and start browsing.  When you find an item you like, click on the picture or text link.  If you want to come back to this item later, you can add it to your list of favorites by clicking the link that says "Add item to favorites".  Look for the little red heart icon with a plus sign, over on the right-hand side of the page.  If you like the seller's whole shop, you can click the "Add seller to favorites" link right below.

Favorites on Etsy are known as "hearts", so you "heart" an item or seller.  You can also see who else "hearts" that item or seller by clicking the last two links below the "Add item to favorites" link.

When you want to go back and look at your favorite Etsy items, log in to Etsy (you must be logged in to see your favorites) and click the link at the top left that says "Favorites".  This will take you to a page where you can choose a tab to look at your favorite items or your favorite sellers.  Your favorite items will be displayed in a gallery with titles and thumbnail pictures for easy access, so if you're ready to buy one of your favorite items you can just click the link and go right to the item.  (You can remove an item from your list of Etsy favorites by clicking the little gray X in the lower right corner of the favorites box.)

Voila!  That's all there is to it!


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