How To Add Keywords to a Web Page with Dreamweaver

Keywords are what an ordinary Internet user would come up with to search for something on the Web. These keywords, when properly positioned on one's Web pages, can generate favorable ranking in search engines, especially Google. Knowing how to put keywords into one's Web pages is then important if you want to increase your site's chances of making it to the top pages of search engine results. In this article, we will discuss the step-by-step process of adding keywords to a Web page with Dreamweaver CS4, the latest version in this popular series of Web development tool.

  1. Start the Dreamweaver CS4 Web application tool on your computer. Launch Dreamweaver CS4 on your personal computer.
  2. Open the Web page that needs to be added with keywords in Dreamweaver. Access the Web page that has to be added with relevant keywords in Dreamweaver. Once this is pulled up on your computer screen, then you can now start the process of adding the most-searched about keywords relating to the Web pages of your Web site.
  3. Access the Insert menu from the tabs on Dreamweaver CS4 dashboard. Select the Insert tab from the many choices on the dashboard of Dreamweaver CS4. From the dropdown menu, look for the item HTML and click on it. Another cascading menu should pop up on the screen, after which you will need to click on Head Tags. Lastly, click on Keywords for a pop up box to appear on your screen.
  4. Key in the necessary keywords in the text field allotted. An empty text field in the Keywords dialog box should be supplied. This text field is where you will put the keywords in. Bear in mind that the keywords have to be separated by commas for them to be read and interpreted properly by Dreamweaver CS4.

Most search engines index Web pages that contain relevant keywords. One of the ways to increase your Web site's chances of getting a high search engine rank would be through placement of these pertinent keywords. However, indiscriminate inserting of keywords is discouraged. Bear in mind that search engines will detect if the keywords were haphazardly placed so practice smart inserting of keywords on your Web site. As of date, most search engines will index relevant Web pages that have the most number of keywords on the first parts of the write-up. Since this is the case, then you will need to place about three to ten keywords on the first few paragraphs of the article you will upload on your Web page.


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