How To Add Library Items in Dreamweaver

Most Web sites contain several Web pages. These Web pages will most likely have some elements that are the same all throughout the Web site. A very good example of such elements would be a product logo or slogan. If this is the case then, it is but logical to have a Web application tool that will enable the adding up of these same elements so that the need for programming each and every Web page will no longer be necessary. Luckily, a user-friendly Web application tool that does just this is Dreamweaver CS4. It allows the saving of the same elements, or library items, with ease on the pages of your Web site. Here's how:

  1. Open Dreamweaver CS4 and look for the item you want to convert into a library item. Pull up Dreamweaver CS4 on your computer. Once Dreamweaver is launched, search the Web pages that contain the items that you want to be converted into a library item in Dreamweaver CS4. To do so, click on the Assets pane found at the bottom right part of the Dreamweaver CS4 window. Look for the Library icon represented by an opened book and click on it. Now, from among the HTML codes displayed, select the item that you want to become a library item by highlighting it.
  2. Put the desired item for conversion to a library item into the library pane. Use the left mouse key to drag and drop this highlighted item into the provided library pane. Assign a name to this newly created library item so that you can find it easily next time you need it.
  3. Opt to use the dashboard to add library items in Dreamweaver CS4. There is another way of adding library items in Dreamweaver. This is through the dashboard. To do this step, you will need to look for the Web page that contains the desired item first. Once on the Web page, highlight the item that needs conversion to a library item. Now, go to the upper part of the Dreamweaver CS4 user interface window and look for the tab Modify. Click on this and a dropdown menu will appear. From the choices, select Library and then Add Object to Library. Of course, you will have to name this library item accordingly for future references.

Now that you have added a library item in Dreamweaver, then you can now put this into the Web pages that need it. To do so, pull up a Web page and simply drag the library item into it. Perform this same procedure for all the other Web pages that need updating. Once you are done and are quite satisfied with your work, then you can now upload this fresh content onto your Web site's server so that your clients will get to view the updated pages.


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