How To Add Money to a PayPal Account

In today's high paced world you need to be up to date on all the latest trends and technology. One growing trend is the use of PayPal for online transactions.  PayPal is today almost as necessary as having a regular bank account or a credit card. It is very simple to use and as safe as any of the online banking systems. While using PayPal to pay for goods and services is quite common, the use of PayPal in a way similar to Western Union, to send and receive money, is also a growing trend. Whether you use it for business or personal reason, having a PayPal account is fast becoming one of the safest ways to send and receive money online.

Adding money to a PayPal account is as easy as adding money to a regular bank account.  In order to add money to a PayPal account you must first create one if you don't already have one. If you already have a verified PayPal account, you can jump directly to step six. In order to create a PayPal account your will need a valid email address and a valid bank account or credit card.  Once you have those, you can create your own account.

  1. Go to and click on "sign up".
  2. Then choose the type of account you would like to open.  You have a choice of a personal account, a business account or a premier for people who only want to buy and sell online.
  3. You will then be walked through the process of signing up and establishing a new account.
  4. Your account will need to be linked to a bank account and verified (this is explained during the sign up process).
  5. Once your account has been verified you can then begin to use your new PayPal account.
  6. Log in to your account as usual and go to "Add Funds".
  7. Choose the appropriate option where you want to funds to be added from.
  8. If the account doesn't already exist, you will be given the option to add it.
  9. Enter the amount you would like to transfer from your chosen account to your PayPal account.
  10. Press "continue".
  11. Verify entry and click "submit".
  12. Now you wait the allotted number of days for the transfer to be completed and check your account.

You can now use your PayPal account to shop online, pay another PayPal user, transfer money from one PayPal account to another, and use your account to pay for things wherever PayPal is accepted. PayPal is very simple to use however if you run into any problems you can get help by clicking on the "contact us". From there you will be able to gain live assistance or assistance from Customer Service or from the PayPal community.


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