How To Add or Upload Music to a PowerPoint Presentation

Including music in your presentation makes it more interesting and easier to follow. Here are the steps to add music to your PowerPoint presentation.

1. Have ready your music file on hand.

Have the music prepared either as .wav (Waveform audio) or .mp3 (MPEG-1 Audio Later 3) format.

2. Open an existing presentation or create one.

If you already have an existing presentation, open it from one of the following ways:

  • Opening the file by double clicking on its icon from the folder where you saved it.
  • Launching PowerPoint and on the Menu bard, hit “File” and then “Open”.
  • Launching PowerPoint and on the Standard toolbar, hit the icon that has the picture of a folder to pull out the “Open” dialogue box.
  • Launching PowerPoint and pressing “CTRL” and “O” keys simultaneously on your keyboard to pull up the “Open” dialogue box.

If you don’t have a presentation ready, produce one first and then after which, proceed with the next step.

3. Add the music file on your presentation.

Go to the slide where you want a specific music to play and on the Menu bar, hit the “Insert” to expand the Insert menu. Hover your mouse on “Movies and Sounds” to expand the sub menu then select “Sound from file” from the options given to open the “Insert Sound” dialogue box. Locate the music file you would like to include on your presentation and double click on it. A message will pop out saying “How do you want the sound to start in the slide show?”. Choose whether you would like the sound to start “Automatically” or “When Clicked” by pressing on their respective buttons. The music will now play on this specific slide where you placed the music. If you want this music file to play for multiple slides, do the next step.

4. Using Custom Animation in order to play the music file on multiple slides.

On the Menu bar, click on “Slide Show” and then hit “Custom Animation” to pull up Custom Animation pane or window. The next step will sorely depend on what version of PowerPoint you are using.

  • If using PowerPoint versions 9.0 and below (Office 2000 and its precursor), this is what you need to do: on the Custom Animation window, hit the tab for “Multimedia Settings”, put a check next to “Play using animation order”. Select the radio button next to “Continue slide show” and “After (number) slides”. Place a specific number of slides that you want the audio file to play.
  • If using PowerPoint versions 10 and above (Office XP and its successor), this is what you need to do: using your mouse, right click on the media file and hit the “Effect Options” to get you into the “Play Sound” dialogue box. Hit the tab for “Effect. Choose the radio button next to “From beginning” under “Start Playing” and “After (number) slides” under “Stop Playing”. Input the specific number of slides that you want the audio file to play.

Make sure to save your presentation after adding music to it.


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