How To Add Worksheets in Excel

Many people use Microsoft Excel now, for business use or for personal use. Businesses may use this program for many reasons; mostly for doing their accounting. Homeowners can use this program to keep track of their income, bills, and budgets. With Excel, there are many things one can do with it. Some of these things are making charts, making formulas so that Excel will do certain types of calculations in cells or columns, making calendars, and one can add worksheets in Excel. Step by step instructions are listed below.

  1. When you open up Excel, you will see a pretty icon in the far, upper left corner section of the program.
  2. When you go into the top icon, you will see several options, like new, open, save, print, and so on. Over to the far, lower right corner of the options box, you will see a small Excel options block.
  3. Go into this icon to see more options.
  4. The first box that opens up should have the word “popular” highlighted, over to the top left side. If it is not highlighted, hover over it with the mouse and click on it to highlight it. The box will show the page with the options to add worksheets.
  5. There are three sections in this box. You will choose the section titled, “When creating new workbooks”.
  6. Under this section, you can add worksheets in Excel under the part where it says, “Include this many sheets”. You can hover the mouse cursor over the number they have in that space and, using the left side of the mouse, triple click the mouse and it will highlight that number for you and then you can write your own number in that field. For example, if you want 8 pages in the workbook, you will type 8.
  7. Click on the box that says “ok” and when it goes back to your Excel workbook, you will need to open up a new workbook. You will go into the top left icon again.
  8. Find the word “new” and go into that; another box will open up.
  9. Double click your mouse on the icon, using the left side of the mouse clickers, and you will see a workbook icon that is titled “blank workbook”, in the middle of that big box.
  10. Your new workbook will open up for you and it should show you the amount of worksheets you chose to have in new workbooks. You can verify this by looking at the very bottom of the page and you will see them listed there.

If you need more information on other great things you can do with Excel, or you want to learn new things and/or edit something in Excel, Microsoft has quite a few video tutorials for each aspect of their office programs. This icon can be found in the upper right corner in Excel, under the question mark icon. The question mark is usually blue and is very tiny. Also, under the Excel options, under resources, where you went in to add worksheets in Excel, you can find some other very helpful information. This program has a lot of exciting and vital things that anyone can do with it. Once you have learned more about this program, you will wonder why it took so long to try it.


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