How To Adjust Photoshop CS3 Font Size, Shape, and Color

Photoshop CS3 is a powerful image editing application because it can provide you with easy to use tools for correcting images as well as tools for placing textual elements on the images. Here is how to adjust the font size, shape and color of the text overlay you may want to put on an image.

  1. Load the file you'll be working on. The most conventional way to open a file in Photoshop CS3 is by clicking on File on the menu bar and then choosing Open. Browse to the specific folder where the file you're going to edit is located, select it, click Open and then that file will load on the main window of the application. Another way to load a file into Photoshop is through the Adobe Bridge application. This is a small program that helps centralize all your Photoshop files into one browser so that you don't have to go digging around My Computer every time you need to open a file. To use Adobe Bridge simply click on its icon located on the upper right corner of the interface. A separate window will open containing thumbnail views of your Photoshop-associated files. Double click on the pertinent thumbnail and the file will load into the application's main window.
  2. Select the Horizontal Type tool. Click on the Horizontal Type tool (the icon with a capital T) on the toolbox (this is the vertical pane left of the main window which contains most of the editing tools). This tool will enable you to enter text and it will be treated as a separate layer. The position will depend on where you click on the image after activating the tool. As the name of the tool implies, the layout will be horizontal, from left to right. Before you go ahead and type in your text, it might be more logical to first define your font, font size, shape and color.
  3. Adjust the font size, shape and color. Clicking on an editing tool brings up its own tool options bar on top of the main window. Since you clicked on Horizontal Type, the tool options bar that will appear will thus contain the various adjustable features for text. The font type is the first drop down box, click on this to expand the list and simply click on your preferred font. The next drop down box pertains to certain typographical styles such as bold, italicized, narrow, light, etc. Next is font size. Click on this to expand it and choose the size or double click on the box itself to manually enter a number. Next are icons for alignment which can be left, centered or right. Finally comes a colored rectangular box, this pertains to font color. Click on this icon and a pop-up window for color will appear. Here you can tweak the various options until you get the desired color and then simply click OK to apply the changes.

Once you've selected/entered the parameters you want, you can now click on that part of the image you want the overlay text to be positioned. A horizontal line and blinking cursor will appear which means you can now type in the text.


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