How To Adjust Your Computer to Show the Correct Time

How to adjust your computer to show the correct time sounds like an easy enough task for any individual.  However, what people don't think about is the steps you must take to set the correct time.  Over the next few minutes I will explain the different ways to adjust the time, keep an accurate clock, synchronize your clock, and how to ensure you keep the correct time.

First you need to open the Date and Time Properties menu.  This can be done by opening the Start Menu, then clicking on the Control Panel.  Once you have done that, you may find the Date and Time icon and double click to open that menu.  An easier way than all that is to simply double click the date on the bottom right of your desktop.

Now that you are in the correct menu you will see the calendar, and to the right of that a clock.  Here you can simply adjust the date or set the correct time.  Once you set your correct time and date click on the Apply button and that will change the time on your computer.  Simply click on the OK button and that is settled.

If you log on and you notice that your time is off, you may need to change the time zone option.  That is possible by clicking on the second tab in the Date and Time window.  There you can change the time zone and set it to automatically adjust for daylight savings time.  Once you have set that, you can simply click on the Apply then the OK button and that is finished.

Now for the best part, you can simply synchronize your clock with the internet by using the third tab.  Click on the third tab "Internet Time", which will show the options you can use to synchronize your clock.  Normally you can just leave it as it already is and click on the "Update Now" button.  That will set the time correctly for your time zone and make sure you have an accurate clock.  Once again click on the Apply and the OK buttons and now you have the correct time.  If you allow your computer to synchronize, it will automatically be set to the correct time.  Also, to insure that you have an accurate clock, this process will synchronize itself about once a week so that you always have the correct time.

For some reason if these options didn't work for you or you cannot seem to keep the correct time on your computer, I have the solution.  You can simply find an atomic clock download, or any other sort of clock to download and set.  These will all come with specific and detailed directions, and will work like any ordinary clock you would buy at a store.

Simply put, there are many ways to keep an accurate clock.  In the end if yours isn't working or you can't seem to get the correct time on it, download a new one.


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