How To Adjust Your Outlook Spam Settings

Almost everyone today has an e-mail account, which is one of the most important aspects of Internet life where almost every site and every group that you join will require you to provide. Almost everyone who has an e-mail account has probably already encountered spam, or the highly annoying bulk e-mail messages that are sent to random e-mail users. In some cases, spam can even be dangerous, since viruses can actually be attached to mail and can be transferred to your computer. If you are using e-mail applications such as Microsoft Outlook, however, the application can sometimes tag your important mail as junk or outlook spam mail using an Outlook filter that acts as spam protection. Here are the steps to adjust your Outlook block spam settings.

  • Check the program. The first step is to open the program. This can be done through the Start button that is normally located in the lower left side of the screen. Once the program has loaded, you will see a list of the mail folders on a panel on the left side of the screen. The folders include the Inbox, the Outbox, the Drafts folder, as well as the Junk E-mail folder. The Junk E-mail folder is where the messages marked as spam is posted. Check the folder and assess the number of e-mails that were mistakenly tagged as junk mail. If there are plenty of useful mails in the junk folder, then you will have to adjust your Outlook spam setting.
  • Go to the Tools menu bar. The next step is to go to the Tools menu bar that is located on the top of the program window. The Tools menu bar is a list of the frequent operations, functions and features that are integrated into the Outlook program. Here you can also find the settings to some of the basic workings of the program, including spam protection. Once inside, click the Options menu that is listed n the Tools bar. The Options menu will show you the adjustments that can be made on your e-mail preferences, your e-mail set up options, your mail format options, the spelling preferences, as well as other options. In the options menu, go the Preferences tab. In the Preferences tab, you will find a button marked as Junk E-mail. Press this button to access the spam options.
  • Adjust the level of protection. Once inside the spam options panel, you will find several options and adjustments for you. The adjustments that you can do range from wholly removing the filters that aim to remove the junk mail to the appropriate folder. You can also choose to heighten the sensitivity of the filter so that only mail that is coming from people who are already in your contacts list or people you have already approved will be able to send e-mail to your inbox. If too much useful mail is being sent to your junk mail folder, choose No Automatic Filtering, which means that all messages – regardless of whether they show patterns of being a spam mail – will be directed to your inbox. The default mode, however, is Low Filtering, which will only mark as spam those email messages that have all of the features of spam.

Stop spam with Outlook spam protection, while retaining the capacity to adjust the settings to meet your needs. With the right settings in place, the Outlook solution to spam will be enough to protect you from rogue mail.


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