How To Advertise a Deer Hunting Lease

No longer is word of mouth the only way to market your deer lease.  You now have the choice of internet marketing, magazine ads, newspaper, and local ads.  It is really up to you to decide how much effort you want to put into it.  You can quite literally reach the entire world from your computer.  Here are several ways to market your deer lease so that you can maximize your potential to make money.

The quickest way to reach a large market is to use the internet.  If you do not have a computer or internet access of your own go to your local library and use their internet for free.  Many of these sites will let you list for free.  Here is a list of several:,,,,,,,,,, and are some great sites with high internet traffic.  To get the best possible results from your ad put pictures of your property and game on the ad   A detailed description of your property and what kind of game you have available.

Even in this electronic age not everyone uses the internet.  Magazines are still an excellent way to advertise and reach a large customer base.  Hunters from all over North America will pick up these magazines and see your ad  The readers of these magazines are your exact target market (no pun intended) for your hunting lease. You can run a classified ad or a print ad if you want to garner even more attention for your lease.  These magazines offer a great customer base for your hunting lease:  "Bow and Arrow Hunting", "Bowhunter Magazine", "Bowhunting World", "Buckmasters", "Field&Stream", "Fur Fish & Game", "Gun Dog", "North American Whitetail", "Petersen's Bowhunting", "Predator Extreme", "Shooting Sportsman", "Sports Afield", "Turkey and Turkey Hunting", "Waterfowl Magazine", and "Whitetail Journal".

To market your lease locally you have several options.  You can run an ad in the classified section of the local paper.  The free throw away shopper paper is another good way to advertise and it is usually quite reasonably priced.  Another way is to put up ads at the local feed stores, restaurants, gas stations, hardware store, gun store, and anywhere that has a bulletin board for ads.  If your property has frontage on the highway put up an ad on your fence with your number.  Let your own car or truck be your billboard.  Make a sign and attach it to your back window or door with your hunting lease information.

The next step is your ad.  A great picture is worth a thousand words so use pictures of your game and land if possible.  Your ad needs game available, pricing, location, amenities, and contact information.


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