How To Advertise Your Blog

So, you have been maintaining a blog, writing, updating, populating it with your thoughts, opinions, reviews and comments on various things that matter; food, travel, automobiles, state of the mind, state of the universe, politics, current affairs, arts, drama, theatre, literature; this list can go on. However, these are topics on which anyone can write and many people prefer to do it online in the form of a blog. In such a scenario, where blogs are a dime a dozen, how do you promote your own blog? How do you draw the attention of the millions of cyberspace crawlers? How do you advertise your blog? Well, here are some tips in this regard. Firstly, this article takes a non-conventional view to the term "advertising" and highlights ways of popularizing your blog without paying for it; the paid methods are covered towards the end...

Cross-hosting - If you have been a blogger, by now, you would have realized that, like you there are various other bloggers. Spot a few that hold similar or complementing interests and content, initiate communications with them and pretty soon, you could be cross-hosting each other's blog links.

Free media attention - Engage the non-electronic media [newspapers, magazines, periodicals]; get them interested in your blog so that they write about it in their columns. This is a good method since it does mean that the media is endorsing or recommending your blog, even if it has a criticizing point to make about your blog.

Word-of-mouth advertising - No, this is not a formal approach, but works like a charm, especially if you have interesting topics churned out at regular intervals. Draw the attention of your friends, associates, colleagues, networks, neighbors to your blog. Get them to talk about it among their external circles and before you know, the number of hits on your blog page has gone up significantly. Only way to sustain this interest is to keep writing good content and posting interesting stuff at regular intervals. Also, encourage discussions on your topics; respond promptly to a comment, compliment or criticism. This helps engage people's attention and also when there is an existing discussion, quite often it prompts the silent viewer to say something.

Cross-postings - There are various forums for bloggers, this could be a general forum or topic specific; search online and find the one that suits your interests and content on your blog. Prepare and present a brief, crisp and interesting introduction to your blog and yourself on these forums. Then regularly participate in conversations and discussions on these forums. Allow RSS feeds; your subscribers can access your blog postings more regularly in quick time. Always make sure to provide a hyperlink to your blog site every time your name is mentioned [and this applies in general, not particularly when you write on a forum].

Paid methods of advertising:

  • There are a few sites such as "stumbleupon," which promote your website by having people stumble upon it when searching for information or browsing online.
  • Pay and get reviewed - Here, you pay freelance writers to write about your blog, post reviews about it in various websites and on their blogs. It is indeed a good method, but has a cost.
  • Finally, you can buy ad-words on Google and some other search engines. For a fee, they plug your blog on all search results accessed by millions every minute on their search engine.

These are some of the good methods of advertising your blog. There are various other less effective ones. If operating on a budget then it is highly recommended that you look up the efficacy of paid advertising before investing in it.


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