How To Advertise Your Website for Free

Got a website? Want to draw traffic, viewers or hits to it? Wondering if it is possible for you to advertise your website without incurring any costs? The good news is - yes, it is entirely possible to achieve this. How? Well, read on.

In this fast-paced, instant-coffee seeking world today, people are highly impatient and require [actually demand] information readily at all times. Technological developments, vast improvements in communications, evolution of the internet for civilian usage and the emergence of search engines are to be blamed largely for this manifestation of human behavior. The internet, being a network of computers, has its participants evolving a network of information bases for cross-pollination of information. And this is where the key for free advertising of a web site lies!

Websites have come to be instant sources of information accessed by anyone and everyone with internet access, across the world. If written and maintained in a consistent, reliable and truthful way, it takes a fraction of the time required by conventional means to popularize the website as an information source and attract visitors regularly along with new visitors.

To begin with, consider the following -

The information and content on your web site must be of high interest, it may be about product(s), service(s), professional opinions, news, current affairs or collation of any information. It should be [as far as possible] unique and a highly reliable source with almost none or very few other similar sources available for the dissemination of important information.

Now, provide active links to your website along with snippets of information content thereon at various online forums, including social networking sites such as Facebook, Orkut and MySpace. If your website contains professional and business information you can also consider LinkedIn. This helps draw the attention of a huge number of users on those sites to your website. Of course, your activity should not seem like overt business promotion or advertising; a little bit of clever wordplay projecting a non-commercial appearance will do the trick.

Next, submit your web site to all the search engines. They accept it for free and if the contents of your website meet with their terms and conditions, your website should be cached within a short time.

Another useful method will be to follow blogs and discussion forums that are of similar interest to your website contents and participate in discussions there. Very soon, you may have opportunities to point co-participants to your website for further information.

 A vanilla form of free advertising is to include your listings on free websites or online directories.  If you are offering any services or products that would be of interest to the general public, you can consider striking a deal with the local yellow pages. Offer a discount for your services in return for the directory advertising your website for free.

Offer to host links of other websites in return for advertising your website in offline media such as newspapers, magazines, industry booklets and brochures.

These are some of the various options for the free advertisement of your website.


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