How To Align a Table Horizontally in Microsoft Word

Creating a table in Microsoft Word is quick and easy. However, there may be instances that the table's width is either too narrow or too wide, as the creator of the document may not have used the automatic width setting. This could result in a table awkwardly set on the document, with it positioned either far to the left or to the right. However, this problem can be easily fixed thanks to the many tools provided in Microsoft Word. Follow the steps outlined in this article to find out how aligning a table horizontally in Microsoft Word can be done easily and quickly.

  1. Open the Microsoft Word document with the table in question. You will have to access the Microsoft Word document that contains the table first and foremost. To do so, simply look for it in the folder you have previously saved it in. Simply click on the Microsoft Word's icon or title twice for it to be opened.
  2. Open a new Microsoft Word file if you do not have one yet. To open a new Microsoft Word file, click on the green Start button found at the bottom left corner of your computer screen. A menu should pop up after which you will need to direct your mouse pointer to All Programs. Doing so should bring another menu to the screen. Look for the blue W icon that represents the program Microsoft Word and click on it once. A fresh Microsoft Word document should now be pulled up on the screen. Now, this new Microsoft Word file should contain a table. To create one, click on the seventh tab, the Table tab, which is found on the uppermost portion of the Microsoft Word document. Highlight Insert by directing your mouse cursor to it. Click Table on the secondary menu that pops up. The Insert Table window will appear on the screen. Ascertain the number of columns and rows and also the table's width. Click on OK afterwards for a table to be displayed on your new Microsoft Word document.
  3. Configure the View settings to make in into the Print Layout View. To do so, click on the third tab, the View tab, found on the uppermost portion of the Microsoft Word document. From the menu that pops up, select the item Print Layout by clicking on it once. To make sure you are on the Print Layout View, check the View icons found on the bottom right corner of the document, right above the item Draw. The third icon, a rectangular box with two horizontal lines in it, should be highlighted.

Now, all you need to do is to direct your mouse cursor to the very first cell of your table. Notice how a square box with an arrow with four heads inside appears when you do so. Click on this square box so as to highlight and select the rest of the table. Now, direct your mouse to the seventh tab, the Table tab, and click on it. From the dropdown menu options, select Table Properties by clicking on it once. The Table Properties window should appear on your screen. Make sure that you are on the Table tab by clicking on it once. Go to the section Alignment and select from the three choices, Left, Center or Right.


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