How To Align a Table Vertically in Microsoft Word

If you want to align a table vertically in Microsoft Word to make it look more organized and streamlined but do not know how to, then you are on the right Web page. This article will provide you with detailed instructions on aligning a table vertically in Microsoft Word quickly and easily.

  1. Access the Microsoft Word document that has the table that needs vertical aligning. Of course, you will need to open the existing Microsoft Word document that has the table in question. To do so, simply look in the document folder you have saved it previously in and click on its title or icon twice for it to be pulled up on your screen.
  2. Open a fresh Microsoft Word document and create a table if you do not already have one yet. If you do not have a Microsoft Word document yet, then creating it is very easy. Simply click on the Start button found on the bottom left corner of your screen for a pull up menu to appear. Highlight All Programs by resting your mouse cursor on it. In the succeeding menu that pops up, look for the blue icon containing the letter W and click on it once. A new Microsoft Word document should now be opened on your computer. Name the file accordingly and save it in a folder of choice. Once this is done, then you can now start creating a table. To do so, simply click on the Table tab found at the uppermost portion of Microsoft Word. Highlight Insert by resting your mouse cursor on it. In the secondary menu that appears, select the item Table by clicking on it once. The Insert Table dialog box should have popped up on the screen. Determine the number of columns and rows and type these in their respective boxes in the Insert Table window. You can also ascertain the width of the column by configuring it in the Fixed column width: section. Once sure with the settings of your Microsoft Word table, simply click on the button OK.
  3. Set the Microsoft Word document in Print Layout View. To do so, go to the View icons displayed on the bottom right corner of the screen. These icons are just right above the item Draw. Now, highlight the third View icon that is a rectangular box with two horizontal lines to set the Microsoft Word document in Print Layout View.

Now to finally align the table horizontally, you will need to click on File first. From the drop down list that pops up, click on the option Page Setup. On the Page Setup window, you will have to click on the tab entitled Layout. Set your choice of vertical alignment under the Page section. Go to the Preview section, and click on the dropdown arrow under the Apply to: item. Highlight the option Selected text and click on the OK button right after.


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