How To Alphabetize an Email Address Book in Juno

Becoming familiar with a new program can be a hassle. Luckily if you are just starting to use the new program Juno there is a guide that will guide you through the process of becoming familiar with the program. In this guide I will teach you the simple way to alphabetize an email address book in Juno. There is a simple and a complicated way to alphabetize an email address book and I am going to teach the most simple and easy way to alphabetize the email address book.

The first step in alphabetize an email address book is to be sure that you are up to date with the newest arrival of Juno. You can download the Juno application at a number of websites. Once you have downloaded the newest addition you will want close out the program and restart it. This will allow for the new program to take effect and then you can proceed to trying to alphabetize the email address book.

You will want to open the address book up. Once you have opened up the address book you will want to locate the column that you are wanting to set up by alphabetize. One you have clicked on the column header that you want to alphabetize you will then see the list alphabetize from A to Z.

This is great when creating and using a mass email list that you want to alphabetize in your email address book. You can create a address book to contain nothing but personal entries such as friends and family and then you can create a completely separate email address book that contains nothing but job relationships. To alphabetize the personal list you will simply open the personal email address book and then click on  the name header and watch it alphabetize in seconds. You will then continue on down the line with each contact email address book.

The same way that you just alphabetized you email address book from A to Z can be done the exact same way in reverse. This would be good when searching for an email address that the last name ends in a letter that is at the end of the alphabet. This makes this a simple process and once done just once you will understand and be able to do it faster next time. It is really just that simple.

This is something that works out well when creating multiple email address books. You can create and organize a email address book much easier and makes keeping up with work much simpler than previously. You will always want to keep up with the new release of the software that you are using to provide yourself with the best up to date information and the best possible options as far as what the program can do. Once you have installed the new program you will simply just use the same icon that you used before the installation.


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