How To Appraise a Diamond Online

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Whether for a piece of diamond jewelry that you intend to buy, or a piece that you have received yourself, knowing how to appraise a diamond and determine its value using online resources is one of the most convenient ways of saving yourself money from professional appraisers who can charge you with more than a modest sum. Doing appraisal yourself is a skill that will take time and patience, but once learned, all you will need is a magnifying glass and the web to determine the value of your gem. Here are the steps.

  1. Cut. How each diamond is cut is different from the other. There are general types of cuts, such as the Marquise cut, the princess cut, the round cut, the oval cut, the emerald cut, and many others. The cut will determine just how much light is reflected from the diamond. This light is referred to as brilliance. Keep in mind that brilliance even in low lighting is a natural feature for diamonds that imitation rocks such as cubic zirconium does not possess. The cut should complement the natural size and shape of the diamond.
  2. Clarity. The next step is to determine the clarity of the diamond. Clarity refers to the lack of impurities in the diamond. Keep in mind that diamonds can have other chemicals mixed into the gem. There may even be pockets of air inside the diamonds, which will lessen the clarity. In general, the lesser the flaws, the more expensive the diamonds. Use your magnifying glass to check into the clarity. You should look at the diamond from various angles since some cuts are used specifically to hide flaws from most facets. Remember, however, that not all flaws and impurities are detrimental for a diamond. There are some color impurities that actually help to bring out more light from the diamond. These impurities are valued.
  3. Color. Diamonds are popularly known as colorless. In reality, however, diamonds come in a wide variety of colors including pink, yellow, brown, and many others. The color of the diamond depends on the elements that are embedded in or near the carbon from which the diamonds are based. The most rare diamonds, however, are the white or clear diamonds, which were created in an environment which is mostly or purely carbon.
  4. Carat. Finally, check the carat or the weight of the diamonds. What makes the carats important is the fact that it takes thousands of years and very high pressure to transform ordinary carbon into diamonds. This natural phenomenon takes a very long time and requires very specific types of environments. The larger the diamond, therefore, the rarer it is. You can use online carat charts to determine the weight of your diamond based on its size, shape and cut.

Through these easy steps, you will be able to determine whether you are purchasing a gem that is worth your money, or if you need to look for another jeweler. With the ability to appraise diamonds yourself, you will also be able to determine whether you should bargain for a lower price or if you are already getting the best deal.


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