How To Attach a Microsoft Access Report to an Email

Microsoft Office Access is a program that helps you create, track, and share over email comprehensive reports that will assist you in making big business decisions. It makes it easier for programmers and non-programmers alike in producing a database that does not involve or call for familiarity with managing and producing a database. With Access, you can bring together data from different locations by importing data from your email or other programs such as Microsoft Excel.

1. Launch Microsoft Access and open the report you want to attach into an email.
To launch Access, on the “Start” Menu, highlight “Programs” (if you’re using the Classic Start menu) or “All Programs” (if you’re using the Standard Start menu) and double click on “Microsoft Access”. There are three ways for you to open a file on Microsoft access.

(a)    Using the Menu bar
    On the Menu bar, hit “File” and then open.
(b)    Using the Standard Toolbar.
    On the Standard toolbar, click the icon that is represented by a folder.
(c)    Using the shortcut key to open a file.
    On your keyboard, press “CTRL” and “O”

Any of these three given steps will allow you to browse for the Microsoft Access project that you want to open.

You can also launch and open the Access project you want to work on by going directly to the folder where it is saved and double click on its file name. This will immediately open the project in Microsoft Access.

2. In case you do not have a ready project, create a new one.

Launch Microsoft Access and then when the program is already opened, on your keyboard, press the function key “F11”. This will pull up the “Database” window where you need to hit the “Report” tab and select “New”. From there, choose whether you would like to create your own report or use the “Report Wizard” to assist you in creating your file. In case you chose to use the Report Wizard, ensure that you follow the onscreen instructions and provide the details it asks for.

3. Email the report.
Emailing the report will be a bit different if you’re using Access 2003 and 2007. If you’re using Microsoft Office Access 2003, on the Menu bar, hit on “File”, then highlight “Send to” to populate the sub menu where you click on “Mail Recipient (as Attachment...)”. If you’re using Microsoft Office Access 2007, hit the “Office” button located on the upper left-most corner of the Office Access 2007 window. Hit on “E-mail”. In both versions of Access, this will open the dialogue box for “Send”. Under the “Select Format”, choose “Snapshot Format” from the box and hit the “OK” button. This will initiate composing a new email in Outlook and automatically attach the snapshot of your report. Input the email addresses of the people you want to transmit the report to and send your message.

Of course, you can select a different format when sending and attaching your access report to an email, such as sending it as an “HTML” document. It is totally your decision what format you would like to use but using the Snapshot format will allow users that do not have Microsoft Office Access installed on their computers to view the report without having to install anything.


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