How To Attract Traffic to Your Website and Retain It

Website traffic is a clear definition of how popular your website is. It is a measurement of how many people visit your website, not just the main page, but also the other pages that comprise it.  Here are a few tips in order for you to increase traffic for your website.

Don’t scare visitors away, create a user-friendly website.
You might have heard of ‘First impressions last’, and although it may sound cliché, but this holds true for websites. You should make sure that you have a user-friendly website that visitors can easily navigate. They may consider revisiting if they had a positive experience the first time they stumbled upon your website. Additionally, use a pleasing website template. Avoid flashy layouts that are very annoying to the eyes.

Make your website content enticing.
What’s the point of having a rocking website layout if the content is bland? Your topics should be interesting and timely so you can catch people’s attention. Write your content in simple English to avoid confusing your readers. Write something that you are interested in because the ideas will come to you much easier if it is about something that you personally enjoy. Apart from the text, include pictures, videos or podcasts to add flavor to your content. Remember to regularly post content in order for you to gain loyal visitors in your website.

Establish a good relationship with your website visitors.
Don’t be a snob and never take a simple comment for granted. Remember that you are also sending good vibes whenever you reply to people’s comments. One simple comment can snowball and can cause your other visitors to participate in the discussion, thus, bringing more traffic to your website.

Promote your website.
You have to start promoting your website on the site itself. Have a ‘Favorite it’ or ‘Bookmark it’ button on your website so your visitors can add it to their frequently-visited-websites list. You can also ask them to sign up for newsletters and send them regular updates about what’s happening to your website. Then work on promoting your website to other parts of the World Wide Web. Participate in forums that are relevant with your website content. Whenever you throw in your two cents, don’t forget to include the link of your Website. If you are part of social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace, advertise your website to all your contacts.

Building website traffic is not done in just one day. So be patient, diligent and consistent in order to gain loyal visitors for your website.


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