How To Authenticate Windows

Having a newly installed Windows operating system is the first step to maintaining your computer or laptop and its software. There are a lot of counterfeit software these days, including operating systems, and you should watch out because you might have difficulty activating or updating fake software. Fake programs are often bundled with other software, appearing to be packaged deals with prices too good to pass up. Only after the programs are installed will you find out that everything is fake.


You will first have to validate your copy of Windows to make sure that it is not a counterfeit copy of the operating system. Go to this website:

You can either follow the steps listed on the website or you can just click on the "Validate Windows" button on the left hand side. You will need to make sure that you have validated your copy of Windows before anything else. If your validation fails, then you may have purchased an invalid copy of Windows.


For Windows Vista and Windows 7, search from your start menu for "Windows Update." This will automatically list the software you need in order to authenticate your Windows. If it does not turn up, you might have to For Windows XP and Windows 7 as well, go to your start menu, click on "All Programs," and you will see "Windows Update" on your list, usually following "Windows Catalog." Click it.

You will be taken through a series of questions. Answer all these questions until you get to the "Authenticate Windows" step. Begin the process by pushing the button and wait for a while. Your copy of Windows will now begin sending information about itself to the Windows update system. Beware of fraudulent copies. Windows will not allow you to continue if it detects that your copy is not genuine. If you have a valid copy, then you may continue on with the update.

Fixing the Problem

When you have completed the process, Windows Update will provide you with the contact information of Microsoft. With however you choose to contact Microsoft, the representative will help you in trying to figure out whether you just encountered an installation error or if there is a different problem.

If you are sure that your copy of Windows is legitimate and it just failed to pass the authentication process, the representative will be able to help you and fix up your authentication process in no time. If your copy of Windows turns out to be fake, however, then there is nothing that the representative can do and nothing else for you to do but to buy the original operating system.

Make sure that you get your software from trusted sources. Whether you are out in search of an operating system, anti-virus software, or office suites, keep in mind that prices will deviate by just a fraction from their prices online. Online prices can be your basis for buying software, as these are benchmark prices in normal stores.

Also, ask the attendant whether their software is real or counterfeit. Most of the time, original software-especially the OS-will come with a certificate of authenticity (COA) sticker at the bottom or side of the computer.


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