How To Auto Lock Your Computer

You must have been wondering for a long time if there is any way that you can lock your computer automatically.  There is the method using the keyboard, but this certainly is not an auto lock.  You still have to press simultaneously the CTRL, ALT, and DEL keys and then click on the Lock Computer button to lock your computer. What you need is an option where you can just leave and the computer will just lock itself without your command.

The solution is software called the Blue Lock.  This works with a concept similar to the remote system lock.  However, this does not use any other electronic gadget other than your PC and your mobile phone with a Bluetooth capability.  You do not have to press anything on your computer when you leave, since it will just lock itself.  You let the Bluetooth devices of both the computer and your mobile phone set off the lock.  This is not a time lock, which means that you can easily open it any time by simply approaching your PC.  Here is how it works.

  1. First, download the Blue Lock software.  You just have to search a web site that offers this software for download.  Once you are done with the downloading, you can immediately install it in your PC.
  2. Configure the Bluetooth settings of both your computer and your mobile phone.  Once both devices are near each other, they will recognize the availability of each.  You can make adjustments on the settings.
  3. Open the Blue Lock application software in your PC. Set its configurations so that it will automatically lock your computer when the Bluetooth signal of your mobile phone is no longer within reach. This has no alarm lock capabilities however and somebody may just tinker with your PC just the same.
  4. To make sure that no one manipulates your computer while you are away, you can set your own password in the Blue Lock.  Your computer will not open even if you are already within the Bluetooth distance.  You will have to open it manually by keying in your password.  If you forget it, there is no emergency locksmith to help you with this high-tech lock.
  5. Once it is open, you can proceed with your work on the PC.  You will no longer have to go through this whole process again because the Blue Lock will automatically recognize your hand-held Bluetooth device again.

It takes only a little time to download Blue Lock software.  It is for free so you do not need to prepare your credit in downloading this.  Unlike an auto wheel lock, which can fit any car wheel simulator, auto lock software is only compatible with the Windows operating system.  Unfortunately, if you are using Mac, then this will not work on your PC.


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