How To Avoid Fakes on eBay

A lot of people are afraid of buying products from online auction sites such as eBay mainly because there are rampant fakes being auctioned and sold on those types of auction sites. A lot of scammers victimize a lot of people by taking advantage of their gullibility. These scammers post their fake products on these auction sites and sell them for cheap prices. In the end, people end up paying for a fake product that they believed to be real. Fortunately for you, there are ways that you can protect yourself by learning how to avoid fakes on eBay. You can achieve this by simply following these few hints.

  1. Check the items sold. Although almost all products sold in eBay have a high probability of being counterfeited, there are certain types and brands of products that are more prone to being counterfeited as compared to others. Some of the most common types of products that are more prone to being counterfeited are computer software applications, entertainment media, gadgets, signature products and antiques. You might be thinking that you are buying the real deal, but in fact you are only buying knock offs, poor quality copies, or pirated versions of these products. By knowing which products these are, you can help educate yourself and prevent yourself from being victimized by these scammers selling fakes on eBay by becoming more aware and cautious.
  2. Check the seller’s credibility. The beauty about eBay is that they have a system that puts you in a ranking depending on your previous transactions with other people online. The more number of successful transactions and dealings that you had, and the more positive comments you get from people you have dealt business with, then the higher or better your ranking would be. Usually, people with a high eBay seller’s rating are a good choice to buy products from, as they are the least likely of people who would try to sell you fake products.
  3. Check product’s certificate of authenticity. If you want to be really sure about the product that you are planning on buying from a person selling it on eBay, then try to demand the product’s certificate of authenticity including the serial number of the manufacturer and his warranty card. If the seller is not able to provide you with this, then feel free to either end the transaction right there and then or demand for some other form of proof.
  4. If it is too good to be true, then it probably is. If the product that you are considering of buying is priced too cheap, then you should probably ask yourself why it is so. It is hard to believe that a seller on eBay is willing to sell a certain product without gaining any profit from the sale.

By following these simple hints and tips, you should be able to avoid being a victim of online scammers on eBay by simply avoiding fakes on that online auction site.


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