How To Backup Files in Windows Vista

Windows Vista may have a gotten a lot of flak for not being compelling enough to merit an upgrade from Windows XP but it does have features that will benefit you as a PC user but only if your PC has gone kaput. Otherwise, Windows XP will suffice.

That said, it may help to find out that Windows Vista has a plus side in that it has a redesigned file back-up system to make sure you will never have to lose all important files in case of a system crash.

You can back up files in Windows Vista by activating the schedule on the Task Bar. Follow these steps to accomplish this:

  • Click your way to the START menu.
  • Go shopping for a backup location by clicking BACK UP FILES. Vista will automatically search through every backup device available in your PC and present a list from which to choose from. This can be anywhere from your PC’s hard drive partitions, external drives, CD drive, DVD drive, and all your network locations. If you choose to perform this task on a local media, all you have to do is go through a drop-down list. If you have enough space on the chosen location, all you need to do now is to move on to the next procedure by clicking on NEXT.
  • Choose ALL PROGRAMS.
  • Look for ACCESSORIES/SYSTEM TOOLS. Click these,
  • Choose CREATE TASK.
  • From the set of tabs, click GENERAL TAB.
  • Type in the command that you want Vista to perform. Be direct. For example, CREATING A FULL PC BACKUP SCHEDULE.
  • You can immediately decide to activate the task by clicking on RUN opting for the maximum privileges provide by Vista. This is regardless of whether or not you are logged on.
  • After that’s done, you now have to navigate to the page marked TRIGGERS.
  • Once on that page, you will have to click NEW to leave a command for Vista to follow relative to the time, day, and frequency of the files to be backed up.
  • It’s not over yet. This time, you will be asked to proceed to the ACTIONS page where you will have to click NEW again.
  • You will see a PROGRAM/SCRIPT that you will have to populate by typing in whadmin.
  • To make sure that necessary adjustments are automatically adopted by the system using the right drive, go to ADD ARGUMENTS and type in a series of commands as follows:
  • Start backup –allcritical –backupTarget:D: -quiet
  • You may even include additional volumes that are outside of your computers hard disk e.g. volumes E and F by typing this command in the same ADD ARGUMENTS tree:
  • Start backup –allcritical –backupTarget:D: -include:E:,F: -quiet
  • To make sure you have all the commands correctly, you may cut and paste all the characters from this page. If you miss even one you will run the risk of altering the system, which of course dooms the whole exercise to failure.
  • Complete the task by following all prompts initiated by Vista.
  • Finally, end the session by clicking OK.

This is how you can backup your files using Windows Vista. Each time you change or update a file, you no longer have to worry about losing it as long as you activate this feature and keep track of the schedule you typed in.


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