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Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites that exist today. It boasts of about 400 million users around the globe. It allows friends to connect with each other and make more friends by hooking up with friends of friends. A Facebook account holder can immediately create a sizeable network of friends if she is an active member. A member can share photographs, videos, views, news and personal messages. However there are some personal messages should not be shared with the whole world and discretion should be observed when you are posting messages if you do not want other members and even some of your friends into a secret. The following are some tips on how to be discreet on Facebook.

  • Remember that Facebook is a public network. Make sure that the messages that you post are safe to be read by other people outside of your network. The Facebook Wall is one example of a public posting feature. If you are not familiar with the options for writing on your wall and commenting on your friends’ walls, you are broadcasting to a lot more people than you intended. Learn to adjust the settings so that you can control who will be able to view the contents on your wall. You can set it to be seen only by your friends, friends of your friends, by everyone or by selecting and recommending it to some people.
  • You do not have control over the postings that you will get from your wall. So if there are some private information or messages that you would like to share with a selected number of friends, it will be best to use the email feature of Facebook instead. In this way the message will remain private and your friends will be notified that you sent them a message by sending an email to their registered email address. You can then jus log in to your Facebook account, check your inbox and read your private message.
  • Remember that even if you restrict the people who can view your personal posts on your own wall, other people can still view the rest of the posts or stories and stories and activities that you have on your page. Therefore it is to yours and your friends’ advantage when you use discreet language and post only those that you do not mind sharing with the rest of the world and keep other messages private.
  • To avoid breaches of privacy, it is best that you learn how to adjust the privacy settings on Facebook. You can go to the Facebook Help Center page and view the instructions on how to set the privacy options that are available to you. Understand how each privacy setting work. Some posts or photos that you upload can still be viewed by other people even if they are not in your network.
  • If you would like other people to view your thoughts and your opinions, then use caution and choose your words carefully so that you will not offend anyone. Use neutral language that will not be misinterpreted. Even if your post is on your own page, some viewers and readers for some reason or another can take offense and may personally attack you verbally which defeats the purpose of sharing thoughts, ideas, photographs, videos, etc.

Keep in mind that Facebook is intended to be viewed by a multiple number of people and that the main idea is to connect with friends and share stories, news, views, opinions and update, send out invitations to activities and generally get in touch with a people faster and easier. So if you have things you want to discuss privately with your friends, use the privacy settings wisely and correctly and do not forget that Facebook has its own email feature.


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