How To Be Skilled at Navigating Windows VISTA

You bought a new notebook and it's installed with Windows Vista. You try doing stuff that you do with your old Windows XP or Windows 2000 but you are so confused. You can't figure out how to use Vista and now you're totally lost.

Well, everyone has gone through that same difficult path. You also had this same problem back with your old operating system, remember? That's just the same as familiarizing your Windows Vista. Having trials and errors through the process is normal. Expect to familiarize and be skilled in navigating Windows Vista after some time and some patience. But to make your learning easier and faster, these tips can be of great help:

  • Visit Windows Vista Tutorial Site. Here, you can download the Windows Vista Accessibility Tutorials, which is a Microsoft Word file. You can have this file always handy even if you don't have Internet connection. Alternatively, you can also use the different Windows Vista tutorials from the site. These tutorials are categorized into:
  • Ease of Access Center
  • Make the Computer Easier to See
  • Make the Keyboard Easier to Use
  • Make the Mouse Easier to Use
  • Use the Computer Without a Display
  • Make It Easier to Focus on Tasks
  • Use Speech Recognition
  • Use Text or Visual Alternatives for Sounds
  • Make the Internet Easier to Use
  • Use the Computer Without Mouse or Keyboard

Using this website is a good start to becoming skilled at navigating Windows Vista.

  • F1. This function key always comes in handy in case you need help. What's more is that Microsoft Vista has this ability to detect what program you are currently using and when you press F1, it will show up topics related to that program.
  • Start Ball. Windows Vista has this Start-ball that works like a search engine. You simply need to type a keyword in it and hit enter. Then, all the topics related to it will be displayed. For instance, you want to know how to defragment. Simply type in defragment or defrag. After hitting Enter, topics related to it will show up and you'll just need to choose among the topics.
  • Get help. Friends or people in your network may know some about Windows Vista. Ask them to teach you how to do some stuff using it. If none of them can help you, simply search from forums or blogs dedicated to teaching Windows Vista.
  • Practice. Continue using Windows Vista. The more you use it, the more you become familiar navigating it. You should take notes of problems you can't figure out how to solve in Vista as well. Take notes also of those problems you were able to solve and how you did them using Vista. These notes are great for future references or for surfing the Net for more information.

There are many things to discover about Windows Vista and learning all these in one week is almost impossible. Use it everyday and you'll get used to it. And when you get used to it, you'll be skilled at navigating this once unfamiliar Windows operating system.


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