How To Become an Oracle DBA

A DBA or a Database Administrator is responsible for maintaining the computer and technology database in a large computing environment.  Depending upon the nature of organization that a DBA is employed in, he or she will be tasked with regularly maintaining and executing actions that include disaster recovery that includes making backups of very large amounts of data and testing the backed-up data for integrity; to conduct analysis of performance of a computer system or network of computers; fine tune it for optimal performance.  Sometimes, DBA's undertake designing databases to customize requirements of the work place.

Who is an Oracle DBA and how do you become one?

  • Oracle is one of the world's largest companies that develop software for conducting business.  It is probably even the world's largest business software company with the wide array of software products that it has on offer and keeps adding to it bouquet of offerings. 
  • An Oracle DBA is one who is professionally trained to work on several of Oracles' software products, utilities and tools.  An Oracle DBA should also be sufficiently trained to handle data administration tasks and most of this training is gained by live experience.
  • There are several computer training institutes, information technology institutes and universities that offer formal and professional training courses in becoming an Oracle DBA.  These courses are quite often very expensive and in most cases there is a government backed funding for subsidizing the course cost.  Of course, privately offered training is most often not subsidized but can be accessed by seeking low interest student loans from banks.
  • Primary level knowledge for becoming an Oracle DBA can be gained in various ways - by becoming employed in a computer or IT based organization that uses Oracles suite of products and learning on the job, of course supervised by a certified professional.  This could take very long and hopefully you do not commit mistakes that could lead to irretrievably losing data or crashing data base systems.  Seriously, it is very much advisable to seek formal training to become an Oracle DBA.  These training courses are very well structured to impart the right knowledge and lead you the student to becoming a truly qualified professional.  Further, a certification that has been accredited by Oracle definitely adds value to your qualification as a DBA.
  • Besides being trained in database administration, it is very helpful to know and learn as much as possible about Oracle's other utilities and tools that work with the DBA software.  Learning usage of additional software such as SQL and seeking training in ancillary courses that complement Oracle DBA program help in mastering the main software.
  • Along with a formal training program it is highly advisable that a student of Oracle DBA or for that matter any other software program is regularly updating self through technical articles, magazines and online, internet web-training.  These training programs orient you with new technologies and developments in this space as also test your abilities.
  • You can contact Oracle Corporation or any of the many institutes, schools, colleges and universities that offer this course to become an Oracle DBA.


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