How To Become Skilled at Navigating Windows VISTA

It seems like just as the population was getting the hang of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft had to go and throw and monkey wrench in the whole system by coming out with the program VISTA. Many tasks done on a computer are completely different with VISTA and require a little bit of knowledge in getting around the different tasks. The following steps should help you become skilled at navigating windows VISTA, or at least help with things you didn't already know.

The first thing to do when learning how to navigate Windows VISTA, or any program for that matter, would be to take the program for a practice test drive. You don't know if you can or can't do something unless you try. If you are used to being around computers, try to do a few common tasks that you usually do every day to see if you can find your way around. When you are experiencing a problem, and can't figure out what to do, just press the F1 key. The F1 key will track what you are doing and try to address and answer any particular problems you may be experiencing.

If you F1 and find tasks that you are still unable to complete or you cannot do, write it down so you can come back to it later whether it's the program itself or if it's a particular problem in a program. After you have discovered the tasks that you need to learn how to complete, and have written each one down, you need to locate tutorials on the computer that show you step by step what you want to do. This is one of the first steps in becoming skilled at navigating Windows VISTA; recognizing your problems and learning how to accomplish new tasks. Microsoft's website has a number of helpful tutorials and how to guides to help with any of your needs when it comes to becoming a skilled navigator on Windows VISTA.

When you have completed your tutorials and read your how to guides for learning to navigate Windows VISTA, you need to practice what you've learned. Practice makes perfect, and this is true for even the smallest tasks. Take a little time out every day, and practice the new things you have learned, because if you don't use it you will lose it, and you don't want to go back and have to re-learn something that you have already taken the time to do. That's just a waste.

If you still find yourself having problems navigating Windows VISTA, contact a close friend or family member and see if they can help show you what to do. With these simple steps, you are bound to become skilled at navigating Windows VISTA.


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