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Adding a new search engine into the mix despite the outward dominance and obvious hegemony of Google may seem like reinventing the wheel, but stranger things have happened. The Microsoft Network recently launched a new search engine called Bing to serve as a challenge to the other well known search engines of today. While you may scoff at the idea of a new comer entering the playing field seemingly this late in the game, try to remember that Microsoft is a very powerful company and their operating system can certainly catapult a website to prominence.

Despite your reservations, it would be very advantageous to learn about Bing. A lot of people will find themselves using the search engine eventually and this means that there a lot of SEO opportunities waiting to be discovered. If you would try using the search engine, you would easily notice that the top search results for Google aren’t necessarily the same results for Bing! It’s a whole new SEO algorithm waiting to be studied and tapped for the whiz kids around!

Here are the basic steps in learning how to use Bing:

  1. The first thing you have to remember is that Bing is a search engine. By nature, it is meant to be easy to use and straight forward. All you have to is to input a search term and click the magnifying button icon. Hitting the enter or return key would also do the same trick.
  2. Just like in Google, you can limit or expand the amount of results by choosing to only display the pages that are from your home country. This allows similarly named items to be disregarded from the list. For instance, the city of “Venice” in Italy would be the top result if one were to limit the search to Italian pages – the pages on “Venice Beach” would not show up. This makes the search more efficient and less confusing.
  3. The search engine is also proactive in suggesting alternative search terms. For instance, when looking for “Paris” Bing would also suggest links for Paris vacations, Paris hotels and other things that would related to Paris.
  4. There are also active links that would send you to the other parts of the MS Network. This would be greatly facilitated if you had an account under the network. Microsoft has a good news site as well as one of the most well known e-mail services known as hotmail.
  5. You will also see a link on the right hand corner that says “Make Bing Your Decision Engine”. This would allow you to make Bing your default search engine for your browser. You may also use the site as your home page (i.e. the site will be the first one that loads once you launch your browser).

Bing is like the usual search engine we know and love with increased user friendly functions that seeks to make searching for data a lot more convenient. Don’t dismiss the idea of using it right away! You never know how the waves of technology would break.


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