How To Block Someone from Finding You on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking site all over the globe. At present, it has 350 million active subscribers. The founder of this extensively utilized networking site Mark Zuckerberg, along with Eduardo Saverin, Chris Huges and Dustin Moskovitz initially intended it to connect with fellow Harvard students, but became a huge success that everyone (13 years old and above) are now using it.

Mark Zuckerberg as a CEO of this in-style has been involved in so many lawsuits involving Facebook’s intellectual property, privacy and the like. This is what happens when a simple communication icon becomes a huge hit! People use Facebook in order to stay in touch with friends, families and colleagues at work. On the other hand, there are also instances when certain personalities do not want to be found for their own private reasons.

Here are a few easy and simple steps to follow in order to block someone from finding you on Facebook:

  1. Login to your Facebook account.
  2. Click on “Settings” found on the upper right hand corner of your computer screen. (You will see it in between your Facebook name and Logout option).
  3. A drop-down menu will give you options “Account, Privacy, Application and Help” settings.
  4. Choose “Privacy.”
  5. You will then be taken to various Privacy choices like “Profile and Contact Information, Applications and Websites, Search and Block List.” (Here you can manipulate who can see your personal information, comments, photos, videos and post views) on Facebook.
  6. Select “Search.” This type of settings will give you the option to tick “Allow” or disallow people of finding you on Facebook as well as search results on search engines, like Yahoo, Google, Alta Vista, etc.
  7. There are two options visible: “Facebook Search Results” and “Public Search Results”
  8. For Facebook Search Results, a drop-down menu is available for you to choose “Everyone, Friends of Friends and Only Friends” as your option.
  9. For Public Search Results, tick the “Allow” box for the check-mark to disappear, that way giving you the privacy you need. Search engines will only display public information that you have disclosed in your “Privacy” settings.

What makes Facebook remarkable is that, aside from using it to connect with friends, it is also developed to promote businesses, artists and brands that every individual is passionate about.

It is also used to interact with global target market in which essential information like victims of floods, earthquakes, or any other calamity that everybody should be aware of.

Some users may tend to damage Facebook’s reputation through controversies and others may abuse it’s use, nevertheless, the end-result still justifies it. Social bookmarking not only helps everyone around the globe to connect, but also it is a great technology for people to interact, discuss and grow for a better communication and learning.


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