How To Block Spam on Verizon Email

Having a Verizon email service provides you the convenience in communicating with people that can mean a lot to your business or to your personal life.  Any email account can become accessible through your computer or mobile phone, however, you may render yourself accessible to annoying spam emails too.  That is always the downside of having an email account.  Spam mail of any content can be malicious, such as those containing viruses. They can become serious problems to your computer or mobile system.  Fortunately, you can block spam on your Verizon email account.  Take note of the following:

  1. Verizon email services are cost-efficient means of communication.  You can easily open an account but you need to have a Verizon phone connection first whether for your home or office phone or both.  If you have this phone connection, you can request for an Internet connection too.  Naturally, the Internet service provider will allow email use.  You just need to open an email account by registering your username and a password.
  2. Now that you have a Verizon email account, you can build safeguards against spam.  It has a Spam Detector, a software that determines mails and delivers them to a folder for spam if recognized as such.  However, if you wish to identify specific mails that should be considered spam, you need to choose the email senders that should be blocked.  Click them as spam mails.
  3. You may also click on the email itself and drag it from your inbox to the spam folder. This will still block the sender’s succeeding emails from appearing in your inbox.  This is another advantageous feature of Verizon’s email service. It protects its account holders from undesired mails with its anti-spam policy.
  4. If there are some spam mails that still manage to get inside your inbox, it is recommended that you contact Verizon’s technical support desk either through email or by actually calling their number.  This service provider has been known to serve the best interests of its customers that it would rather automatically block mails from servers who have records in carrying spam, worms, and viruses.  In fact, it has been the subject of complaints from some Internet service providers but this is all because of its efforts to protect its customers.

Because of Verizon’s strict safeguards, it is prudent that you read the anti-spam policy and understand clearly all the points there.  Otherwise, you may just be annoyed at how it manages to block mails, which you may find important after all.  It is highly possible that you will appreciate what your email service provider does in protecting you from malicious mails filled with worthless contents to damaging viruses.  If it happens that mails that are relevant are diverted in the spam folder, all you need to do is make some adjustments on your account.


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