How To Blog Using Xomba

Xomba is a site on the Internet that allows its users to post blogs.  Just like a journal, you can make use of blogs to express your opinions on anything.  These may be on something that is very personal or it may be about your views on any relevant issue on society, culture, sports, politics, etc.  You may post even more than just written content.  You put videos and other graphics too.  More and more people are using Xomba in creating blogs.  This is because, aside from the advantages, blogging here is easy and convenient.  Here is how to do it.

  1. The very first thing to do before thinking of creating a blog in Xomba is to register yourself under a Xomba account.  Go to and open an account.  The instructions are easy to follow. It should not be difficult for you to finish in a short time.
  2. Create a username that can catch the interest of any online reader.  If possible, make one that has a connotation, one that amuses but also tells something serious at the same time.  Of course, your complete name may fall under these criteria so you should not be using it.
  3. Complete your profile as required for opening an account. Fill up the form provided to you with all the information, which you may think is necessary.  You may be asked to post your picture on it.  You may decide on not doing it but it does serve your blog well if you have a picture on it.  After all, it does not need to be a picture of yourself.  You can put any picture on it as long as it is decent.
  4. Being new to Xomba, you should try getting as much information on its use, especially since you already have an account.  Find the FAQ and read its contents.  You may also select the purple alien if you want to have answers for some issues.  The FAQ and the alien icon are keys to the Help pages of Xomba.
  5. Go to the Settings and set it so that Xomba will inform you of your posts’ replies through your email.  However, you can remove this feature if you want.  If you want to make money out of your blog, you can create an account in Google Adsense and link it up with Xomba. This is just an optional feature though.

Once your account is ready, it is time for you to write your blog.  You must do this on a regular basis.  There are millions of things to write about but you can focus on a certain field that you think you are more comfortable in writing about.  Of course, this should be something that you have enough knowledge about, something that you may consider yourself as an expert on.  As you regularly post a blog, read the comments on your posts.  This will help a lot in developing your ideas for the next posts that you need to write.


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