How To Bookmark Pages in Microsoft Word 2003

Microsoft Word is primarily used for making documents, but this software has features that can also help you read documents. The Bookmark tool is one such feature. You can use this tool to mark several sections of a long document that you'll need to frequently refer to. This will enable you to jump directly to relevant sections without having to tediously scroll through numerous pages.

Locate relevant sections of the document.
Browse through the Microsoft Word document. Locate a specific paragraph, heading, sentence, table or image that you think you will need to constantly refer to. Using your mouse or arrow keys, place the cursor at the beginning of the section. This way when you navigate through the document using bookmarks, Microsoft Word will quickly scroll to that exact page and center the view on the bookmarked section.

Insert the bookmark.
Click on Insert on the Menu bar. This is the menu item used for placing special elements such page numbers, pictures, hyperlinks, comments etc. on the document. From the drop down menu that will appear, look for Bookmark. Click on this item and the Bookmark pop-up menu will come out. Take note that you can only bookmark sections one at a time. Thus if you need to mark several sections then you can only do this process sequentially--locate one section, apply the bookmark, then move on to the next section.

Give an appropriate label to the bookmark.

The first input field on the Bookmark pop-up menu is labeled "Bookmark name". You need to type in a label for easy reference later on. After you've entered a label, click on the Add button and the pop-up menu will close. This means the bookmark has been successfully inserted. Take note that you can only enter letters and numbers in this input field. If you use dashes, slashes or other types of characters the Add button won't activate.

Let's say the Word document you're reading is a term paper and you want to mark a significant section on the introductory part of the paper, you can insert the Bookmark on the relevant paragraph and label it 'Background of the Study' or '1st Assumption'. The point is to make the bookmark easy to remember and locate. This is most helpful if you'll be placing several bookmarks on various parts of a document with a lot pages.

Browse the document using bookmarks.
Now that you've successfully bookmarked sections of the document, the next time you open it in Microsoft Word you can directly navigate to those sections without having to repeatedly press the Page Up or Page Down keys on your keyboard. One way to do this is to open up the Bookmark pop-up menu, select the appropriate label on the list and then click on the Go To button. Another way is to click on Edit on the menu bar and then choose Go To on the drop down list (the shortcut is Ctrl+G). The Find and Replace pop-up menu will appear. Pull up the Go To tab, select Bookmark on the list to the right, and then type the bookmark's name on the input field to the left where it says "Enter bookmark name:". Click on the Go To button and Microsoft Word will directly navigate to the bookmarked section.

As an office productivity tool, Microsoft Word offers a lot of ways to make writing as well as reading documents so much easier for the user. You can save so much time and effort by learning and using such features.


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