How To Boost a Clearwire Signal

Every Internet service provider (ISP) offers good service. But when it comes to wireless Internet connection, Clearwire is definitely one of the best. It provides Internet connection through mobile phone towers. Due to this flexibility, Clearwire becomes the popular choice for rural areas where a wired connection is almost impossible.

Although beneficial, Clearwire has its own disadvantages. Signal strengths vary from one spot of the house to another. That is why you might be experiencing varying signal levels around the house. You can do something to boost the Clearwire signal. Try one of the following tips and see if these can add even a little speed to your Internet connection:

  • Check the area. As mentioned, Clearwire signal depends on cellphone towers. Make sure that your area is well-covered and should be receiving a strong signal. Check the ISP’s coverage map from their Service Guide or call their customer representative to help you get the best area.
  • Lessen obstructions. Obviously, the spot with the least obstruction from the nearest Clearwire tower should receive better signal. So, if you can, lessen obstructions by rearranging your room or moving some furniture pieces away from the signal.
  • Check the modem. The modem should be plugged into its Ethernet jack and a wall outlet. It’s best to install the modem near the window, too. The higher the floor, the better signal because higher floors have lesser obstructions.
  • Check the modem’s position also. The part without the company’s sticker should be pointed to the nearest tower because this part receives the signal. There is a blinking light on the modem, which indicates whether it is searching for a signal or has already found a signal. Your modem is still in search if it runs blinking lights. It has already searched a signal with fast and more glowing light.
  • Install an antenna. Buy the Clearwire Accessory Antenna. There are many variations of this antenna. Talk with a customer representative to know what will work best for your area. This antenna comes with an installation CD. Install that first and then, your computer can connect to the antenna. With this antenna, you’ll get better Clearwire signal. This may require additional fees but at least, you know that your spending will be worth it.
  • Remove nearby electronic items. Telephones and microwave ovens can interfere with Clearwire signal. Better use your computer far away from electronic devices like these or remove them.
  • Try different spots. Signal strength varies from one room to another. Even a different angle of your antenna or a change of your modem’s position can already boost Clearwire signal. Try different positions and different locations. Discover which will give you the strongest signal and stick to that.

Call the Clearwire technical support in case none of the tips above will help you boost the signal. Sometimes, the problem is in the modem or sometimes, your IP address is not recognized in their system. All these are too complicated issues that only professionals like them can resolve.


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