How To Boost Traffic to Your Website

It has been months since you put up your Website but you have not earned a decent income out of it. Although you may feel you have done everything to promote your Website, the revenue doesn't seem to be commensurate to the effort or possibly even money you've invested. While paying experts to do the job for you just seemed like a bright a idea, there are actually other simple ways you can employ to effectively boost traffic to your Website for free.

Make your Website attractive and dynamic to attract visitors.
You should treat your Website as your business' store front. And as in any other store front, a tackily designed one will of course turn off prospective clients. Is your Website's color theme too distracting to the eyes? Maybe there are just too many neon colors or unpleasant images? Or maybe your Website was designed in such a way that navigating through its pages is a task. These factors, while may be considered minor, actually make or break your efforts at running a successful Website.

Make sure that your clients can contact you easily.

Again, your Website is your store front. Clients are more likely to come back to your store if they have been properly taken care of the first time they came. The same treatment should be done to Websites. Clients should be given the capability to interact with  you through a contact form provided on your Website. And, of course, this contact form should be easy to find and should not require more than two mouse clicks to access one. Of course, timely response to these messages is equally important. This way, your clients are assured that a real human being actually runs the Website they frequent.

Have a supporting blog to boost traffic to your Website.
Blogs are loved by almost all search engines so you may want to consider putting up one to complement your Website. However, blogs should be treated and managed differently from Websites. Websites do not require constant updating of content while blogs do. To make sure that your blog gets noticed, you must sign up for a Technorati account. Technorati is the Google of the blog world. It indexes and ranks blog sites, especially those constantly updated ones. Having an account with Technorati assures that your new blog contents are detected and indexed thus giving you more chances of making it to the top pages of search engine results.

Both your Website and blog should contain About links to provide information about you and your business. An About page will surely lend more credibility thus making your clients trust you more.


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