How To Boost Your Page Rank

Searching for something on the internet is as easy as one, two, three nowadays. Everything is becoming global because of the World Wide Web. You just have to type in keywords or phrases pertaining to your actual object and voila!  You get what you need. But how exactly do you get the items listed under your search? The answer seems to be easy—Search Engines. But then, you get to question what exactly do search engines do?  And how do they find results that match your search?  There isn’t much of a mystery here. What most search engines do is to list items according to page rank. This would lead to another question. What is page rank?  To understand this, you don’t need to be armed with rocket science knowledge.

Google, one of the leading if not the leading search engine, developed this system. Page Rank is an algorithm for link analysis that arranges hyperlinked documents in a certain order. To put it simply, it ranks web pages. There are many ways to boost your Google page rank. The first most common way to increase page rank is to inject the right amount of repetitions of your keywords. Putting in the exact same set of keywords over and over again would help, but it would also be good to put in variations on those keywords. For example, you have a site that sells motor oil. In order for your pages to match the most number of searches, you have to optimize and maximize all possibilities. In this case, you might want to repeat different sets of keywords like “engine oil,” “motor oil” and “lubricant” a number of times throughout your article. Another way to ensure that you get on top of the list of matches is by using the subject of the article as links instead of saying “click here.” 

Another way to boost your search engine and tool ranks is to use keyword stemming. For example, if you want your site on arts and crafts to be optimized, use words like artistic, artistry, crafts, and handicraft all throughout your page. Any person who wants to do a simple look-up on handicraft could immediately be given your site under his search’s listings. The search engine optimization algorithm tool rank pages according to how they suit your query. But remember that these types of progressions do not increase linearly. These increase exponentially. You have to check ranks every once in a while to ensure that your site or page stays on top of the list. Paying for advertisers might also do the trick if you’re still starting out. Another way is to update your articles for keywords that your competitors might use.

Search engines are tools that are to be used to enhance your sale-ability on the internet. But these are not to be used for your business forecasting, prediction, etc. For that part of the equation to work, you will have to rely on your foresight. But then again, a higher page rank can, more often than not, translate to higher sales and exposure.


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