How To Browse and Manage an LDAP Directory

LDAP is also known as the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. This is a program protocol that is used for directory services. The LDAP is used in order to make information more organized. This way, users can access and find the information that they need easily.

A user can access the LDAP server when he connects to the LDAP server. There are some activities that the user can do on the LDAP directory. These are find specific entries that are included in the directory, add items to the directory, erase some items in the directory, make some changes on the information on the directory and many more. The structure of the LDAP is like a tree. Each entry has an identifier that is unique from the rest of the other entries. There are also attributes that make up a single entry and the directory is made up of the different entries that are added.

There are some ways on how you can browse and manage an LDAP directory. All you need is a simple software that you can download for free. Here is how you can browse and manage an LDAP directory.

  • Download software. The software that you are going to need for viewing the directories is Softerra LDAP Browser. You can get this software by downloading it for free from the website This is a directory management tool that has features, such as simplified HTML views, advanced search, active directory partitions management, simple paging support, LDAP filter builder and many more.

If you want to modify the contents inside the LDAP directories, you can use the LDAP Administrator that you can find on the website This is a tool that is very useful and was developed for computers that are running on the Windows operating system. You can view more information by going to the official website and looking at some of the screenshots and features of the program.

These are the essential tools that you need in order for you to open, manage and browse and LDAP directory. For some guidelines on how to use this tool, you can visit the website On this website, you will be able to learn how to create an LDAP profile. Search on the Internet for more tutorials and guides on how you can use the program.

There are other programs that you can work with if you want to browse and manage LDAP directory. Here are some of the programs that you can use:

  • JXplorer. This is an open source browser that you can use to browse LDAP browsers. The best thing is that the this software is free for you to use. You can view the features and functions of this application by going to the website
  • Corendal Directory. Corendal directory has features, such as viewing accounts, editing the entries in an LDAP directory, manage groups, view the member and many more. You can see the full list of the program's features by going to the website


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