How To Build a Free Psychic Website

If you’re only starting out in the Psychic business, establishing free web services could be an economical initial step that would enable you to work your way up until you build a large enough clientele. Here are some recommendations you can try out when building a free Psychic website.

  1. Map out your website approach. This pertains to how you would like your website to look. Consider getting web resources such as embedded chat boxes or shout out boxes, mailing list, RSS feeds and secured electronic commerce.
  2. Check free web hosting services. If you do not have the finances as of yet, you can opt to use a free web hosting site. They basically provide the same features as those with paid web host providers but with little support and a small number of tools that you can use for free.
  3. Evaluate features of free web hosts. Read some reviews on free hosting services. This will give you an idea of what other webmasters have experienced first hand on a specific web hosting company. Check out their offered features. The best place to read information about web host providers is for this website lists the top ten web hosts from a client’s opinion. Not only do they rank the web host providers but they also provide a list of their features and prices.
  4. Build and design your website from scratch. If you are well versed with HTML coding, create your website from scratch by using text editors like Notepad. You also have the option to use “What You See is What You Get” editors like Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expression Studio. Some web host providers also provide resources that would help you build your site from scratch from their own tools so you may also want to check if that feature is available with the web host provider you chose.
  5. Provide the details of your services on your homepage. List the services you provide, like free Horoscopes, Sign Compatibility, Tarot reading or Psychic Advice. Also list your qualifications to build trust and a solid credibility.
  6. Present different ways for clients to be able to get a hold of you. Show your email address or phone number, preferably on each page of the website. Consider placing a page where your clients can put testimonials for other prospective clients to read. You can also put a guestbook on the page to encourage communication.
  7. Be personal in your method. It would be best if you introduce yourself using your first name. You should also call your clients by their first name to create a good rapport.
  8. Place appropriate graphics on your website. Pictures make any website look appealing but it doesn’t end there. You have to ensure that the images go well with your content.

Finally, upload your website and do some regular maintenance such as occasionally updating content.


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