How To Build a Highly Targeted Opt-In List

The opt-in mailing list is one of the most powerful tools in email marketing. This is a list of people's names and email addresses that "opted" to subscribe to your website. The operative word "opt-in" means that the customer is willing to receive periodic emails from your site. Such emails may include electronic newsletters, promos, or notifications from your site. After submitting the form, subscribers will have to check their emails and confirm subscription, which makes everything binding. Via the consent of the customer, you can keep track and keep in touch with them so that you will have an assured audience.

There are many advantages of building an opt-in mailing list. Aside from the above mentioned, one can get the pool of people in the mailing list as test subjects or participants for a newly developed product. Through the mailing list, he can ask whoever is interested to try this product or software, and share what he thinks about it. If there are still areas for improvement, the developer can still do the necessary upgrade before releasing to the market.

Here are some things to consider when building an opt-in mailing list:

It is important to place the sign-up box carefully. Keep it away from advertisements. People shy away from areas with advertisements since they do not want pop-ups while browsing. Keep it clean and simple but prominent. If you don't know how to create a subscription form, search the Internet for free software.

Put an unsubscribed form or link. You want your target audience to have their own freedom to control their incoming emails and subscriptions. Opt-in also means invitation. If people walk-in to your site, don't force them in if they already want out.

Indicate a provision that the data to be used are confidential. And stick to this provision. Honoring their privacy will keep them in your mailing list. Don't try to sell the data to other marketing company. If they found out that you used their names for purposes they did not allow you to do, expect a bad word of mouth about your site.

Be clear with the purpose of the mailing list. You must be clear on what people can expect out of the mailing list. Make them know what they will be receiving and how often will you send them.

Produce quality content only. Make sure that the subscribers get value in their subscriptions. You can send excerpts of your well-written article via email, and then the subscriber must visit your site to see the full version. Quality makes the subscriber wanting to visit your site more often. The best marketing tool is still quality, either in content or in products.

At the end of the day, your reputation will spread without you lifting a finger. But getting there is a long and sometimes hard journey. Taking the easy route may work temporarily, but nothing beats honest to goodness work ethic, quality work, and persistence. Opt-in mailing list is just one of many ways to reach that status for your online business.


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